2nd Prestige Thoughts on Ghosts after a month / Fave game modes / Ghosts search and rescue

So it is a month on. I have reached the second prestige. Overall : I like it . It is devilishly hard. You die too quick and the maps are not conducive to staying alive. But I am enjoying it. I like Blitz and Search the best. I also still like Domination.

I find DOM a lot easier to finish top as my brained is conditioned that way. Blitz and search are still a learning curve for me. I still make some horrid choices on Search even after watching a plethora of Youtube vids on rush routes. I also find myself being very predictable ( ( do well the first 2 then people realise my route) ..I need to play it different ways, vary it up and invent my own back up plans in case thinks go wrong, or indeed just to keep the opponent guessing. I also find myself better at defending than attacking. I need to develop a skill set for both game sides of the map. All to often in Ghosts I still see the map as this daunting twisty maze and I really can’t see how offensive spawners meet defensive ones. Gamers on youtube tell you to head glitch here and there, to twitch on a certain corners. ….but to me it is a miss match of walls and objects. Strikezone is a good example . Post KEM strike it is a mess of winding corridors and damaged walls.

Blitz is fast. People go ham from the first minute.  They approach it like a tdm and stand back or they just gun it into the opponents base. It is sad to say but defending is a lot easier than attacking. You will get a far better KD by sitting back. You will on the other hand get better XP if you run into the endzone!

I prestiged and now have two characters on level 60. The first prestige I was all over the AR’s. The second the SMG’s. I must say all the guys who claim it is an AR game aren’t looking hard enough. I find all my best scores are running around with silent smg’s like the Vector or the TAR. I like the TAR-X silenced and the Vector unsilenced. The former is accurate and easy to use. The latter is a wrecking machine with good sights and relatively low recoil.  AR’s I like the Sc2010 , 805 and the Remington. The Remington is so low in recoil you can run a red dot and silencer and not sue the grip. I also think the ARX bridges the gap between SMG and AR nicely and is good for mid  range running and gunning.


On the downside. I won’t lie. I get angry at Ghosts on some days. I think the main reason is I take on every game mode with every gun as I want to vary it up. If I get into a hardcore lobby of Search . I can’t expect to win it ….but I still do expect to do well. These guys have played ONLY this game mode for a month. They have hours of practice on every map and know every corner. Every head glitch , they are experts on every level. Same goes for Blitz and such. On the other hand sometimes I get into a normal lobby and I rape. I basically need to be adept at a variety of game modes or just stick to two or three if I want to win. I do love mosh pit and team tac. The trouble with team tac is it is full of hardcore teams playing together with mics 24-7. Mosh pit is cool but there is barely 1k of people playing it after just one month.









~ by richardpmurfin on December 8, 2013.

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