Ghosts review / My opinion on Ghosts / MW4 Review / Overall opinion on call of duty ghosts

Verdict on Ghosts? Originally I thought the guns killed to fast…I stand by that ….but I am getting used to it and rather like it. The weapons are too steady and easy to use …check also ….but I guess it makes the competition all the more intense. The Perk system is better than MW3 but worse than BOPS2 . The Maps are better than mw3 but worse than mw2 and cod4. Siege would fit into mw2 perfectly which is a compliment in itself. At least 6 of the maps I actually look forward to playing as it loads which is a huge step on from MW3. The killstreaks are excellent in that they are not OP anymore. Not as many choppers and more and more ground based attacks. The dog is a cute touch but is too powerful. The KEM is something to work towards and not as powerful as the NUKE ( which is good ). Love the dynamic aspects to the maps but they aren’t as great as they made out. The lack of theatre pisses me off ( I have had some epic clutches on search I would like to have recorded and posted up on my vault). The dedicated servers are not in place from what I can see so far ( hope they are in ps4 version). The standard of opponent is a lot higher now and I guess players have to adapt to very quick to it ….that is the danger of putting a million people in a pot together. Squads is a great idea and offers good practice for casual gamers or mates to mess around. Extinction looks cool and from what little I have played of it it could be a great beer game with mates. Game modes are decent I love Blitz and search and rescue …I do miss Sabo and CTF. Overall the knockers will always knock as it isn’t a huge stretch from mw3 …it is however better than mw3 and still offers that cod style adrenaline with an addictive , fluid online multiplayer. Verdict : 93%

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~ by richardpmurfin on November 26, 2013.

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