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Okay so this isn’t scientific like the gun damage chart . Neither is it based on hard fact derived from taking into account vantage points, rush zones or bottle necks. No it is my first impressions of the maps simply from what I have drawn from them and how I feel. The word atmosphere might pop into this a whole lot so bear with me hehe.

Prison break

I only see this on FFA. It requires stealth and slow aiming around corners . It is hard to see in the distance and snipers like to sit in the main building. Overall I feel it is an average level – 5.5

Edit – Played it on Dom today and it is not as bad as I first thought. Perhaps a 6.0?


A hark back to mw2 or even COD. Good pace. Well balanced. Good for search as it is symetrical and it has good lines of sight….which can be bad if the snipers are out. Given its a OHK for most snipers you might die a lot before you get to grips with this one. I like it tho – 8.0


Jury is out on this one. Reminds me of Karachi and skidrow…with a little bit of Kowloon in there. Fun and frantic , so far I like it but I can imagine the windows & roofs will be sniper heaven – 7.0


Reminds me of cargo but no where near as crap. Great search level. To small and linear for many other team based game modes. It has some good dynamic aspects to it in which you can block out paths via moving trains. Can be hard work when playing Dom. Not bad tho – 6.5


Awesome map. A throw back to the old days. Great atmos and good lines of sight , as well as good rushing opportunity. Great search and rescue map – 8.5


Not  a fan. Remind me of a level fro KZ3 DLC. Horribly tight with huge blind corridors and tons of chances to be shot in the back. Colours are bad and it feels all wrong – 5.0


Jury is out on this one also. A large map with mix of in and outside. I can imagine getting to grips with it takes a while but I can see it growing on me – 7.0


My fave map. Reminds me of Pipeline and Downpour fro COD4 . Big and grassy with old buildings. Good vantage points and ideal cover for a silent assault rifle. I really like it – 9.0


Reminds me of Standoff from BOPS2 . Not a bad map , I seem to get killed a ton on it tho from windows. It is a solid map but not overly exciting – 7.0


The only way to describe this level is a more detailed version of Fuel from Mw2. It also has elements of Carbon to it. It is large and well rounded with some good dynamic aspects ( you can close the doors on either side of B which is handy). Overall I like it – 7.5

Free Fall

Frantic, overrated , overly crowded , hard to see …..uhm ….it should be great CQ action and epic speedy action… isn’t. The whole building falling thing isn’t obvious either – 6.0


Can you see a trend here in the big maps?…..yes you guessed it. I love it. Sort of like Wasteland I guess but ultimately very un-cod like . It is fun and great for distance combat. My very first game was on this and I got a Jugger maniac and went on a lethal killing spree. Great stuff – 8.5


Sort of like aftermath and downturn. Not as bad as either but certainly not a charismatic level. Ugly and random. I feel it is probably a better team map than say FFA – 5.5


Not bad , but not great. Reminds me a little of Bloody Gracht from KZ2 and the DLC from 3. It is not as good tho. Level is divided down the middle by water in which your character flounders in so badly he is like a baby …..yet in the buildings with 1 foot of water the guy skis round like he is on drugs 6.5


Wasn’t keen at the off…but now I am liking it more. Mainly because I had a few games of Cranked on it that I enjoyed. You have to watch EVERY corner as people come from everywhere. Granted I haven’t quite worked out the spawns yet and on games like Cranked even if you know the spawns the turnover is so fast you can’t judge who is dead ..spawning ….or even who is on your team. That said it is a good level – 8.0

Yes there are some low scores but when you consider the ONLY level I truly like in mw3 is Fallen (outside of the DLC) then I would say it was a success. Still it is worth saying not since mw2 have I really like the majority of the levels ( even Karachi which was the least fave) .


~ by richardpmurfin on November 7, 2013.

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