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Yes here we are guys. On the cusp of another Modern warfare. This time it is Infinity Ward’s turn. Last year I got BOPS2 . I don’t regret it. I was into it for a couple of weeks. Ultimately the lag got to me. Some days I couldn’t kill anyone even if I was standing behind them firing bullets into their head. Zombies on the other hand was and is still epic. I really like a zombies session. It has an atmosphere all of its own. Beer and zombies with a couple of mates in a darkened farm late at night is awesome.  So onto the multiplayer. I have always favored IW to Trey in this sense I won’t  deny it. The guns and graphics feel a bit cheap on BOPS. I don’t doubt many people like it more and I can see the attraction , but for me I like the fluidity of the Infinity Ward titles.

What am I looking forward to most in Ghosts?

* The maps. Yes, some look crappy , some look mundane. But who doesn’t like a ton of new maps to run around. Despite liking mw3 as a whole I was let down by the maps. Hardhat , Lockdown and Resistance are just too obstructive. The buildings were too tall and there was no scope for lobbing nades over the top. It felt like a rat trap with me in the bottom.  Of the new maps I like the look of Octane , Whiteout and Stonehaven. The latter looks more like an open mw2 maps. The infamous mw2 maps that got slated for being sniper heavens but looking back were epic. I hate NONE of the mw2 ones but half of the mw3 ones easy. Fallen is the only map in mw3 that I like truly….other than Terminal but that is a mw2 maps. The DLC was great but being in Asian NO one played it. Indeed if Oasis and Piazza were to ever make a comeback I’d buy them in a shot. Black Box and Liberation similarly had a good open mw2 atmos to them.

*Guns – Guns  guns guns, to Quote Clarence Bodiker. Basically any new weapons for me is a plus. And it is fair to say they really tried to make all new ones. Granted there is an AK variant and the FAD has returned ( of all the guns I would have assumed it would have been the M4A1 ) . But yes the weapons look sweet.

* Perks – 30+ perks. Yes THIRTY.  Albeit toned down versions of the previous plus a few more. They have done away with PRO versions and invariably made them into a smaller perk of their own. The perks are weighted in regard to points of value –

Infinity Ward has explained in detail the Call of Duty: Ghosts Perk system.

The game includes 35 Perks, each of which is weighted with a point value of 1-5, the developer explained in a blog post.

Your loadout has a pool of eight points to spend on Perks, but you can raise this to 12. In addition to the initial eight points, a single Perk point is tied to the Primary Weapon slot, Secondary Weapon slot, Lethal and Tactical. You can take away one of these items for an additional Perk point, allowing for a maximum of 12 points to spend.

So, if you fancy it, you can forego all weapons and equipment and start each spawn with only a knife and 12 points worth of Perks.

Each Perk has a level and a Squad Point cost. Once you reach the listed level, the Perk is automatically unlocked. If you want to unlock it early, you can spend the listed amount of Squad Points.

Each Perk belongs to one of seven different categories: Speed; Handling; Stealth; Awareness; Resistance; Equipment; and Elite.

Here’s the Perk category list, with official descriptions and examples of each.

  • Speed: Outrun and outmaneuver enemy players. Speed Perks are all about getting the lead and staying ahead. Examples include Sleight of Hand (Faster reloading) and Stalker (Move faster while aiming).
  • Handling: Dexterity and control drives the Handling Perks, improving actions and accuracy. Examples include On the Go (Reload while sprinting) and Steady Aim (Increased hip fire accuracy).
  • Stealth: Stealth Perks aid you in staying out of sight, maintaining a low profile and engaging on your terms. Examples include Takedown (Kill enemies without revealing their death locations) and Incog (Resistant to targeting systems including Recon, Thermal Scope, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor. No name or red crosshairs when targeted).
  • Awareness: Keep in tune with your surroundings. Awareness Perks help you survey the environment and detect enemy players. Examples include SitRep (Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment) and Wiretap (Utilize all active enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field).
  • Resistance: A hardened endurance reduces the effects of fatigue. Resistance Perks keep you going through tough engagements. Examples include Focus (Reduced weapon sway when aiming down sights and reduced flinch when hit) and Blast Shield (Increased resistance to explosive damage).
  • Equipment: Tacticians swear by their gear, and Equipment Perks ensure you have the best tools on hand. Examples include Extra Tactical (Additional Tactical equipment) and Extra Attachment (Extra attachment for your weapons).
  • Elite: Elite Perks offer special abilities that affect your loadouts in a variety of ways. Examples include Gambler (Spawn with a random Perk) and Ping (Activate a sonar ping upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles).

Although they are in different categories you can pick whichever you want as long as it doesn’t exceed your points total.

* Game modes – Man I am super excited but also disappointed. Sabo , CTF and demo have gone. Also there doesn’t seem to be a mosh pit. Although the latter could be in it. But with new modes like Blitz ( variant on CTF) and search and rescue I am sure there will be some classics in there.

* Full lobbies – Being in Asian in an area near China I can feel the lack of players palpably. I mean until Japan gets the game I cannot find a lobby. Then move the game forward two years and imagine how many people in Asia are playing Sabo or CTF ….yeh , you guessed it NO one. So having full lobbies means a good signal an a chance to play game modes I never normally can.

*Dedicated servers? – Well.  I think so . IGN confirmed it here. Whether that means I will get any lag I don’t know. My knowledge of tech could fill half a matchbox. But if it means I am lag free then the previous post about being across the world is moot! Yipee!. Here is some stuff from IGN –

In August, Microsoft announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts would feature dedicated servers on the Xbox One, marking a significant departure from the franchise’s long history of player-hosted matches. But what about other platforms? According to a recent tweet from Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin, Call of Duty: Ghosts will utilize dedicated servers across current-gen, next-gen, and PC.

While Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, and Wii U players will all seemingly be able to reap the benefits of dedicated servers, Rubin also confirmed that Ghosts will preserve player-hosted matches as well:

Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible. There is also some great new tech in the matchmaking system that will place players in matches that have the best combined overall connectivity performance.

What remains unclear is how much control, if any, players will be afforded over matchmaking, such as the ability to filter matches by server type. We’ve reached out to Activision for comment.

* DLC – Okay, Ghosts isn’t even out yet. But who doesn’t love the anticipation of DLC. If more people can access it in Asia ( put it on the ASIAN PS store you morons) then it could be epic for me. I liked the DLC for mw3 despite not playing it as much as I would have liked. I think they got a bit carried away with Face off tbh. It was decent but I never saw the point in having more than say 4 face off maps. They were cool but I would rather have one normal map than 3 Face off ones. That said I did like gettaway and it proved super fun for private crazy games. Indeed Search was surprisingly fun on Face off. It felt tighter and more stressful…in a good way. I would like to see a couple of face off maps but not a ton. I would like to see classics come back. Preferably not from w3 but mw2 and cod4. I would love to see Pipeline , downpour, Afghan or something like Favela or Highrise. Heck I even loved Trailer Park. But I can’t see a DLC map making a reappearance. MW3 did do one clever thing. MW3SOME was an interactive IW site in which you could vote for a private game mode with 3 modes and three maps. Granted they stopped caring about it after a couple of months ( IW …surely not lol) , but the idea was great. It would be good to see IW reach out and ask the players which DLC they wanted. Indeed if it was a free one it would be amazing to see classics come back. I don’t think we will get too much for free ( last time Terminal was the only standard map we got for free) .I also fear people would as for say Hardhat….ughh. But In general being close to the consumer is never a bad thing when making a popular product. Half the problem is the market is divided if you have some maps and not others. My mates often have to leave a lobby because of this. But if they have a mode you can jump in and it is just DLC then it wouldn’t be a big deal. They could have a classic section with just MW2 or COD4 maps…..well I can dream can’t I?

Ok , that is me done for now. I had training this weekend so I head back to work feeling somewhat cheated in regard to having time off. I did have some great Jap BBQ with Jody on Civic Boulevard tho and watched a lot of footy this weekend. Newcastle beat Chelsea 2-0 believe that?


~ by richardpmurfin on November 4, 2013.

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