Winter is coming in Taiwan / Kid Castle is all good / Jogging in number 4 park / Halloween in Taiwan / Breeders cup is coming

It has been cooling down a lot recently. I even wore a tracksuit top at work this week. Today however is a hot one . So hot that the cockroaches litter the street around Nanshijiao ….coming out for one last sun bathing session before they start to die.  I am still jogging in the local park and my exercise regime is managing to hold back the berr and food I consume on the weekend.

Last night I went back to mw3 for the first time in 2 months after my GTA obsession. I will still play GTA for sure. But only later or when I am feeling more relaxed or drunk hehe. I will dig it out just to sit and relax and watch the faux sunset now and again with a beer. We played DLC maps only , me , Yahooo, Motel Vegas and my other Japanese mates as well as Chris.  Was great to get back on the horse. I even managed to win a few games of Sabo. Just need to sharpen up the old reflexes for next Tuesday. As mentioned on previous posts there are a ton of new game modes and such. But the removal of Sabo and the Theatre mode is disappointing to me.  I am interested in the new extinction mode also.

I watched GI Joe this morning and played a little bit of mw3 to keep me sharp. Later I have one hour at work. My schedule at Kid Castle changes next week I will do two but only have 4.5 on Monday.  On Friday we have a Halloween ‘party’ with my Wanhua school. Basically walk down the street singing and making fools of ourselves. I also have training Saturday morning so that ruins my Friday night.

Likes & dislikes :


I currently like –

Asahi beer

Green tea

Black tea



Pay per view movies

Stir fry food

Game of thrones

Cool weather

Subway sandwiches


I currently dislike :

Waking up late ( been getting up super early as of late).



little ants in the kitchen

Breeders cup is coming very soon. I a rather excited. Although I am not sure it will be on in Taiwan.


Okay that is all for now. The weather is great and I am off to get a subway sandwich and maybe visit RT Mart for some clothes.





~ by richardpmurfin on October 29, 2013.

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