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Put in an hour yesterday in rediment ( is that a word) for next weeks release. I will play some Sabo tonight with Japanese mates for the first time in 2 months. GTA has dominated my time and rightly so. It is epic. But it will soon gather dust at least for a while. My Ocelot 620 and my Felon GT , oh as well as my Oracle , Jackal , my sentinel and my ZIon. Will all gather dust in my 10 car garage near the airport. GTA has one thing for me over cod. I will play drunk, tired or just when chilling. COD for me is a game I have to be on the ball to play. Even a hangover is enough to put my aim and reactions off. Oh and after the last hour I played I will need all the practice I can get. 2 months off and by god I a terrible.

GHOST resolution

There has been a lot of chat about this and I picked this off the net :

here’s been a lot of talk, hype and rumor in the past few days surrounding Call of Duty: Ghosts. The discussion has been regarding the native resolution of the latest installment in Activision’s long running series of first person shooter.

It’s been rumored that Call of Duty: Ghosts could look better on PS4, with additional reports hitting the internet that it would run natively at 1080p on the PlayStation 4. These have certainly not gone unanswered however, with claims that Ghosts will look nearly identical on both platforms, that the latest CoD will be 1080p native on the Xbox One as well, and that flying space pigs will feature in one of the campaign missions.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t real, but just about any claim that could be made about Call of Duty: Ghosts probably has been made in the past few days. But why so much bother? Does Call of Duty’s resolution really matter?

Lets think about it for a moment; if Call of Duty plays marginally better on the PS4, is anyone that’s preordered Ghosts on Xbox One really going to change console? Equally, committed fans of the series will quite likely buy the console that’s out first in their region. The PS4 is out a week earlier than the Xbox One in North America, but out a week later in Europe. This means that hardcore American fans will be most likely to buy it on the PlayStation 4, and Europeans will likely get it for the Xbox One.

Now, when I say ‘marginally better’, what I mean is; if the Xbox One doesn’t natively run Ghosts at 1080p, it will probably upscale it from a native 900p or 720p. We’ve already seen this from other Xbox One games like Ryse. Especially if the native resolution of Ghosts is 900p on the Xbox One, the upscaling will make only a marginal visual difference, which I don’t think would be enough to change someone’s preorder. The only thing I can realistically see this news changing is the mind of someone who has not yet preordered either console. If this is the case, they may be too late to actually get a console on launch day now, given the high demand.

But maybe I’m wrong. Let me know in the comments whether this has changed your mind, or whether you can conservatively see it making much of a difference.

Thanks to attack of the Fanboy with a good opinion.

Jody came back fro Macau ( work) to find me a few k lighter($$$$)  and missing her a lot. She had a good time in the casinos of Macau but didn’t gamble strangely. I spent a ton on Saturday all because pay per view wouldn’t work. I really wanted to watch White house down.


The ps4 will be launched in Taiwan in December and I am planning to buy it even tho it will be pricey and a month later I am off to the UK. It is a lot of cash but an investment for sure when you look how much I use my ps3. My ps3 will move downstairs and be the casual gaming machine / Blue ray player.

Ghosts online reveal

Yes, it is old news now but here is the reveal trailer for multiplayer. Don’t forget I will have all gun damage stats soon enough. Last time IW released a call of duty game my gun damage table received 3500 hits in one day. A record I can’t even hope to beat :

IW seems to love the juggernaut aye? I am a little worried about how fast the guns kill. BOPS1 was an average game at best but it was the last cod that got the kill speeds right. COD4 was just about right without stopping power. I just feel with overpowered guns and potentially having rapid fire and akimbo ( please don’t do it) then it could be far to easy to drop someone when spraying.

Call of duty Ghosts extra information

(Thanks to IGN) :

The Multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts will have a number of new features, and a new Call of Duty App that enables fans to stay connected to the game wherever they go.

Players will be able to create over 20,000 possible character combinations, game-changing dynamic map events, new tactical player movements; over 30 new weapons, including a new Marksman Rifle weapon class; over 20 new Killstreaks; 14 maps out of the box; seven new multiplayer modes, deep Clan integration and a second screen experience through the all-new Call of Duty App.

There’s too much information to put on one page, so visit the sub-pages for more information!

A new engine! It’s about time!

Extra info from VG Charts ( all rights reserved) . It is linked to the Wikia for COD :

Some great info to keep us going for a week. I for one a gonna scower every corner of the wiki. I only wish they had more on the maps. I just hope they aren’t the horrid dead ended maps like MW3. Downturn is literally the worst map in ANY cod.


A clutch of screenshots of the long-rumoured sci-fi themed co-op Call of Duty Ghosts mode called Extinction appear to have leaked online, just ahead of its official reveal.

Posted online by Imgur user smtkz, the 17 unverified screenshots suggest the mode is all about killing aliens and destroying their hives, as opposed to zombies in previous installments. A list of Call of Duty: Ghosts achievements leaked a while ago verified the mode’s existence, with an achievement granted for completing all “Extinction challenges,” amongst other hints.

Thanks to IGN for the info.



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