Survived a full week without beer / Back into tea / Green tea in Taiwan / Tea in Taiwan

Yeh, after last weeks debacle in which I drank for 10 / 10 and also heavily on the weekend ( Erik Sand’s birthday and such) . I needed a break from the beer. I did the whole week without beer and I am quite proud of that. So it is just 4 days but it is a start. It also helps my diet which has suffered due to the excess of beer.

One of the things that helps me maintain a beer free life is to substitute beer with something. In my case tea. In the morning I drink breakfast tea and during the day and night I am on the iced green tea. I love it now.  For me green tea was always too bitter but it is very refreshing once you get over that …no sugar of course .

Taiwan tea :

Taiwan is famous for its tea which are of three main types: oolong tea, black tea and green tea. The earliest record of tea trees found in Taiwan can be traced back to 1717 in Shi Sha Lien, present-day Yuchih and Puli, Nantou County.[1] Some of the teas retain the island’s former name, Formosa.

Oolongs grown in Taiwan account for about 20% of world production.

I am not as into Oolong as I was a year back but still enjoy it. For me it’s all about the green tea right now.

I really want to watch gravity this weekend with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It got some heavy reviews on metacritic.  Still reading Dance of Dragons and it will be sad when I get to that point when there is no Game of thrones left to read.

The weather has become almost chilly in the last days as we head towards November .  I am not complaining of course . I love the cooler weather…bring it on!

Lost my bank card at work yesterday in an ATM nearby. It’s a long story culmination in a woman who claims it was impossible to lose ( she claims I can’t have got the cash and receipt and left the card inside ….even tho you CAN do that ….) . That is all for now. Please continue to read my blog and standby for a ton of info on Ghosts in November. It is going to be an exciting one!


~ by richardpmurfin on October 18, 2013.

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