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Been a weird few days. I will bullet point :

* Obsessed with GTA online . Been playing it till super late. Recently not even missions. Just collecting sports cars. As mentioned in previous posts. Finding the ocelot and the Felon. Getting them upgraded and insured etc.

* I am also aware that Ghosts is around the corner. I do wonder if GTA sales will effect the sales of Ghosts. I have decided to buy it for ps3 and perhaps later for my PS4 which isn’t due for release until December. I am excited about it and will have to start putting in practice near the end of the month to be ready for the release next month. It also points to the fact that GTA and Ghosts will perhaps be the last big titles for the ps3 and it all paves the way toward the new X-Box and PS4.

* Still reading Dance of Dragons. I have had to go back to it after having a couple of weeks off reading.

* Drinking far too much as of late and I will end up a fat bastard it I don’t stop. So I have decided to not drink midweek from now on. Two days in and no beer. Have to keep it going tho.

* We qualified last night . Beating Poland 2-0 . It wasn’t glamorous but we ground our way there and find ourselves 22-1 for the world cup in Brazil.

Odds for the 2014 world cup :

Each Way Terms 1/2 places 1,2

To be honest I don’t care what price we are. As long as we are there . Bye for now!




~ by richardpmurfin on October 16, 2013.

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