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Yeh, took me a while but I got it. You need to drive a similar sports car preferably high end around the northern part of the city. Not the outback bit but near Michael’s house.  Eventually you will see it amongst the many mini’s that will appear.  If you drive a bog standard car rarely will one appear. The most important thing to do is to play invite only or solo session. Don’t play normal online as the spawns are really limited online. All I ever see is Fusilades ( as I have one in my garage) and Buffalo’s. The game works by spawning cars of a similar ilk or group. So I was in a high end saloon/sports car when I found my Felon. It was a ruby red when I got it and after putting it in the garage it was a silvery blue………for some reason. Never the less I am the proud owner of a Felon Coupe ( open topped version) .

Picture below :


They are rare online and the most expensive car you can own outside of buying one online ( in game online)

From what can be seen of the car, its design appears to be inspired by British styling featured on the Jaguar XF and X150 Jaguar XK convertible and also the Swedish styling of the second generation Saab 9-5. The styling has resulted in a convertible version of the Felon.

So again. Advice. Drive in the posh part of GTA near Vinewood. With a high saloon / sport car. Even something like a Sentinel / Oracle / Zion will do.  In the invite only mode or solo session. No other players. buy a tracker for it and insurance ( a whopping 11k for this bad boy) and put it in your garage if you have one. It is worth saying that even after you get one they are still rare. They don’t crop up at all. Before I got my insurance for mine I was genuinely worried someone might steal it and trash it. Now As long as the game doesn’t bug out I have it for good. Even if it is destroyed by the police I think the insurance can kick in. It is also a welcome break from my Fusilade which seems to dominate the spawns. When I picked it up it seemed like a rare car. Now the lobby’s are stacked high with them and I am getting a little sick of them. The only reason I don’t get rid is because I spent a bit on armor and upgrades etc.


The car’s overall design, especially the front fascia, greenhouse, and hood, are heavily influenced by the North American styling of the Chrysler Crossfire. Unlike the real Crossfire, there is no convertible variant Fusilade.

Performance is above average then the common family sedan and on par with other sports cars in GTA V.


The car is powered by a 3 liter V6. Acceleration is really good with a high top speed. Handling is able to carve into corners well. Overall, the car is well suited for sport driving.


Incidentally my garage is very conveniently placed in regard to taking my impounded car back. It is a stones throw from the impound lot and costs just 29k.

 ( more info ) on it from the Wikia.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 13, 2013.

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  1. Yeah the felon is beautiful and rare if you want it for free… of course you can buy it though. You see them even less then the felon gt. Anyways it’s not styled after jaguar or saab… It’s styled after The Massarati quartoporte! The description also mentioning it’s italian 🙂

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