Weather is changing in Taipei …..Great holiday weekend!

Just a quick entry. We had a 4 day weekend ( Mid-Autumn / Moon Festival ) . Me and Jody ate and drank ourselves silly of course. I will put a couple of pics below. It is now Tuesday and I am attempting to get my diet back on track. Yesterday seemed like a long day at Kid Castle. But I still went for a small jog around the park. Today I only have an hour later but the Wed-Fri I have a fuller schedule.

The weather over the weekend was wet and windy. Technically it was a typhoon ( Usagi or something) but we never saw the brunt of it ….we just got shitty weather. Now in general the weather is getting cooler ..although today it is pretty damned hot..much to my annoyance as I wanted to go for a mid day bike ride before class.

I am currently drinking coffee eating chocolate spread on toast and watching a ‘classic’ Villa match on Eurosport 4-2  think it ends (Agbonlahor debut hat-trick apparently) . Weird when these classic matches seemed like a couple of seasons back heheh.

Loving GTA 5 and have been playing it a ton. Have also got about 1/4 of the way through Dance of Dragons.

Pics from holiday :

Couple of pics. The main bulk are in the album ‘September’ on FB.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 24, 2013.

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  1. Great stuff , very informative.

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