600 posts on wordpress / Been in Taiwan since 2005 / Living in Taiwan as an expat / 8 years! / Kid Castle / Sunshine / HESS / Shane / WOW school of wonder / YoYo school / Reach to teach Taiwan

Yes, 600 posts . Over eight years. Several different schools. One wife , many beers and a whole lot of food. This all constitutes my life in Taiwan . Arriving here in 2005 with my brother Gareth I made  a hash of my first job visa ( go back in my blog to see it ….they (Joyland) messed up my visa and I was nearly kicked out of Taiwan ) . I survived that year and visited my then GF ( now  wife) in Oz for a year using a working holiday visa. I then returned to Taiwan via reach to teach and joined Shane school of English. Granted I worked Saturdays but it was still a great school to work for and they didn’t make a mess of my visa heheh. After Shane I ended up at HESS eventually. Hess was 5 months of hell and I won’t recommend it to anyone. Then I moved onto Yoyo which was a cool little school but sort too easy and too spoiled.  After this I needed some sort of decent curriculum. Sunshine was the answer. A very solid school with a decent curriculum and kids who had come through kindy so were fluent ( almost) . This leads me to now and Kid Castle. KC is a cool little school for kids who are sort of trying to catch up. It is not an immersion style school like Sunshine neither is it as intensive as HESS or Shane ( they only get a western teacher for 1/4 of the classes per week) . But it is still decent and I am enjoying it so far.

Okay that is it for now 600 posts down and hopefully many more to come. I nearly lost this blog when It changed to WordPress from the old MSN  format. Luckily I logged in one day and found it was changing and just got there in time.  Bye for now!


~ by richardpmurfin on September 12, 2013.

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