La Vuelta on Eurosport / Moon Festival Taiwan / Mid-Autumn festival / Dance of dragons / Jeremy Soule / Life at Kid Castle Taiwan

Still loving La Vuelta . Great watching whilst I use the exercise bike in the living room.  Not sure what I will do when the cycling season ends. Moon festival nears in Taiwan we have two weeks off next week. The down side is we have to work Saturday ( they shift the days round to make it 4 days together) ….personally I would rather have my Saturday and not get 4 days next week.

I am back into drinking coffee after my tea stint ( in which I even drank tea in the morning *gasp*) . I still enjoy Taiwan style black tea and Japanese green tea. Very refreshing.

Started A Dance with Dragons and read it in bed at night with a glass of scotch/bourbon. I have to be careful with my bourbon intake. I tend to drink more and more and end up waking lethargic and my hair is greasier for some reason ( why god knows) . It makes work harder the next day for sure. Bourbon is harder on my stomach than scotch and tends to work my bowels over good and proper. I think of it as better than a can of beer at night but actually it is worse in many ways …also I don’t want a red nose when I’m 40 heheh. I also put on some atmospheric music when I read it , namely – Skyrim, Oblivion or Morrowind’s music by Jeremy Soule ( Jeremy Soule ) . Laid back fantasy music work so well with it. When I read feast for crows I really did wonder what happened to Tyrion and co. This book runs parallel with A Feast for Crows and shows the other characters and their antics after the big war.

I am enjoying Kid Castle and currently do around 20 hours a week. It is just right for me , giving me good scope to work hard( ish) and get enough exercise done before or after work.




~ by richardpmurfin on September 11, 2013.

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