Chilled out Tuesdays

Right now I do one hour on a Tuesday. I might get another class later in the year but for now it’s pretty chilled. I do have to run before that class tho and it is pretty damned hot outside. Pay day today and I need to collect wages from Yoyo (whom I now longer work for ) and obviously KC.

Games – I haven’t mentioned MW3 for a while. I still play for at least an hour most nights ( apart from Fri and Sat) and got a tasty MOAB on Mission the other day.

 Books – I have started Dance of Dragons eventually . I was postponing it for a year at least as once it is read I have no more Game of Thrones to read…..until the next one but who knows when that is hehe.

Technology – My new Sony phone is still working after a week ( a long time for me ) despite having problems putting pics onto FB ( wife has to do it via her computer) .

Exercise – I run and bike a lot . With the tour of Vuelta still on I tend to watch it most nights and use the exercise bike with it on in the background. I like watching the usual pretenders Tony Martin,Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff),Alejandro Valverde (Movistar),Joaquim Rodriguez (Katusha),Vincenzo Nibali (Astana), it was in fact a young french rider – 


Despite previously appearing impervious to encountering trouble, Stage 16 of La Vuelta a Espana bore witness to some cracks opening up in Vincenzo Nibali’s armour.

During the finale to the stage upon the Category 1 Aramón Formigal the Italian rider, of Team Astana, was unable to react to the attacks of his rivals.

Unaware to the drama unfolding behind with the General Classification was 21 year old Frenchman Warren Barguil of Argos-Shimano.

Barguil won his second stage of the 2013 Vuelta a Espana by the narrowest of margins from the breakaway in a sprint ahead of Rigoberto Uran of Team Sky.

The guy was amazing. Winning two stages now in La Vuelta.

GTA 5 – Not long now until it is out. I am rather excited to say the least. Apart from Ghosts it is the most eagerly awaited game for me. It seems like they have built on every other GTA and have an estimated budget of 170m …that makes it a blockbuster release!

Ideas – I would like to see gangs come back. I loved it in GTA2 when you worked for one team the other team gunned for you. You would be strolling through an area of town and bam! someone would shoot at you! WTF! Oh yeh those guys don’t like me do they? Cross the border into your territory and there would be a mini gang war just over you. Awesome stuff. I would also like to see you be able to buy stuff. I had millions in GTA 4 and what could I buy ?  An uzi……..I want to buy casinos , houses , restaurants and pubs. I also want them to know it is MINE. In Vice city my own staff would fight me if I caused trouble. I wanted to say hey it’s my gaff I will punch a stripper if I want. Ok rant over.

England vs Ukraine in a very important match. England have ONE striker fit who is in form and Ukraine are looking good. It is very ominous. Fingers crossed.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 10, 2013.

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