Great weekend / Fun at Fridays in Taipei / Warner village Taipei / The killing season / Beer and food in Taipei / Sony phone / HTC dies / New phone Xperia / The Taiwanese love to queue / Queuing in Taiwan / Cinemas in Taiwan

Fantastic weekend : Movies, beer , food which sadly culminated in my phone dying. Oh well it last 7 months…a record compared to the 4 months my Samsung lived for. Now I have moved onto Sony. If anyone asks I do not recommend HTC or Samsung. Going into a shop nowadays and asking for a phone that isn’t 20k gets a lot of confused looks. ‘Can I have a phone for JUST 5000nt….’ ‘Hmmm , maybe it’s asking a lot. I will ask around maybe we can get you a crappy one’ You can see them wondering why I am not spending 20k…….. Call me crazy but after spending 150 quid and 300 quid on the last two respectively I just don’t want to spend a ton only for it to break in a month.

So the new one is an Xperia. No not top of the line but decent. Just hope it lasts. My fantasy football team was down to 8 players this weekend and so far has scored just 13 pts….Thank god for Phil Jagielka.

Watched killing season at the Warner village and drank beer at Watami and Inhouse. The movie was no where near as bad the reviews said it was. Friday we went to Fridays in Ximending. Was great . The atmos is always cool there.

One last rant….Queuing. This is an inconvenience in the west but Taiwanese people love it. At the cinema Taiwanese people queued up waiting to be let into a smaller area in which they could queue. They had already got tickets so there was no reason to queue…it wasn’t one in one out. The chairs are predetermined ..AND the queue wasn’t even moving meaning there was absolutely no point in waiting. After they all shuffled in we just walked in casually and didn’t have to worry about being squashed into a cordoned off area. Don’t even get me started on the guy yelling in Chinese while the lights click on ONE second after the last line or climax of the movie has occurred.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 1, 2013.

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