Life / Spam on my blog / Kid Castle Taiwan / Enjoying light schedule / Birthday was ace / Yakitori birthday 2013

Gonna bullet point again :

* Life is good right now.

* I get an immense about of spam on this blog from idiot companies – ranging from bridal gowns to weight lifting.

* Enjoying Kid Castle even tho I have only technically done 3 days there.

* Went out for my birthday the other day on Yong-He for yalitori and a micro brew place down the road. Great night!  Wasn’t able to do all I planned but overall it was a solid night. Thanks to Jack Gallant, Travis Bannert , Steve Coetzee , Flora FloRa and Jody Wang Murfin!

* About to drink a cup of coffee

* later I will meet Brian my private student ( bet he will forget the earlier schedule)

* Had Forkers ( with Jody the day after :


* Kid castle uniform :

Photo: Cool or Kitsch? I can't decide.






~ by richardpmurfin on July 23, 2013.

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