Typhoon iminent / Typhoon Soulik to hit Taiwan / Typhoon Taipei / Anton Leaves Taiwan / A Dance with Dragons / TGI Fridays Taiwan / Dinner out with Jody / Joined Kid Castle / KId Castle Taiwan / Teaching at Kid Castle

Batten down the hatches : http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/07/11/taiwan-braces-for-typhoon-soulik/ Typhoon soulik is set to hit us. Many of my mates are skeptical but it has been deemed a very powerful one. I have some beer in and will play zombies tonight and not go out.

My mate Anton is leaving today . I knew him briefly indeed he was closer to Gareth , but it is always sad to see another friend leave Taiwan. Extra thanks to Anton Savitch for Dance of Dragons and various herbs and spices . Good luck in all your endeavors my friend it was a pleasure to meet you no matter how brief it was. I hope the typhoon doesn’t impede your flight. ( the last bit was from my FB site hehe) . Dance with Dragons was the one book I never bought because I hated the fact I was on the last game of thrones book ( too final boo) . I will finish my current Ludlum book and work through that too.

I got a job almost 2 weeks to the day that I left Sunshine. So the panic is over.


Photo: Panic over . It's all good!


I have never worked for Kid Castle before but I nailed the demo and will start a light summer schedule on Monday. Leading to a heavier one in August and my real schedule in September.


I will keep all posted about how good it is. Or indeed how it compares to HESS English. Shane English and Sunshine American school of English. All of which have their good points except for HESS which is utter cack.

Jody treated me to dinner in Fridays last night as we sort of cancelled my birthday until next week. We had a great mixed platter and some Super Dry. Culminating in a chocolate ice cream which I was too full to eat. Happy times.




































































































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