Halfway there….getting hotter / XBOX ‘One’ announced / New cod video / New Ghost video / MW4 new video / Ghosts modern warfare 4 / New video for call of duty

I have been super slack recently I know. I will post more on the weekend. It is Wednesday and I am halfway through what seems a very tiring week. Not sure why I am so knackered most night ….must be the heat…….

So the XBOX have launched their new console . The X Box one.  Not the most creative of titles…..here is some info :

http://techland.time…-tv-over-games/ ….. To me it seems they are going for the whole entertainment package than just gaming. I personally don’t care if it’s tied in to the NFL or how I can record Dynasty with a voice command. It seems very geared to American TV too…the difference between the market for American consumers and Asian consumers seems massive The difference even in PS3 is astounding. When I go to the ps3 store in America it is all about watching live TV and streaming box office movies. In the Japan market it is all about PS Home and DLC for new titles. I think they are concerned about Daddy forking out 400 bucks for junior if it doesn’t benefit the family. They also need to realise many hardcore gamers are bedroom dwellers who want to play is by themselves. I guess Microsoft would like to shift two consoles to those families. That said I really need some perspective here . It is difficult to see the entire global market when your a very specific person with specific needs ( being me) so I guess Microsoft know what they are doing….I just get the feeling Sony will go all out to please the ‘gamer’ in people , given how obsessed and OTT the gamers are in Japan.

Anyway there is also some cool updates on Ghosts ( mw4 ) :


I wanted to type a whole lot more but I am pretty tired now. Work is entering the worksheet period where it is review, review and more review so not a lot to talk about really. I anticipate the weekend.



~ by richardpmurfin on May 22, 2013.

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