Football rant…taken from my FB

It’s well documented footballers go to clubs for money. The braver ones even admit it. But when you are picking up 200k a week then I really don’t see how 50 k more is gonna sway you to leave a club. Dortmund are in a position where they could potentially be Champion of Europe , yet they are losing their two best players. I get Goetze I suppose going to Bayern , but when players go to Chelsea or City from teams that are constantly semi finalists or indeed even CL winners it just vexes me. I’d rather be a hero, talisman and potential Champions league winner with a lot of cash, as opposed to sitting on the bench with Carlos Tevez waiting for the 78th minute with a slighly larger amount of cash…ultimately if Lewandowski leaves I hope at least goes to a club that will a- use him and b- are a ‘bigger’ team than Dortmund.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 25, 2013.

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