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I was on the MW4 forum and it got me thinking about cod and the direction it has gone in. Indeed I answered a guy about perks. It has lead me to the reasoning that mw4 has too much clutter. Too many OP items and perks. Let’s try and bring it back to a more basic form. Not basic in the bad sense but more simple. Anyway this was my post ( in order to save time hehe) . The perks I talk about at the start are some guys ideas. Good ideas mostly it has to be said.

Overwatch: Unsuppressed gunfire is shown as arrows and radar shows strike placements, hostile explosions and friendly deaths
Pro: Nearby suppressed gunfire shown.

Extreme Conditioning: unlimited sprint duration
Pro: move faster.

Me –

Extreme conditioning – In this case would be giving the player what everyone hated in mw2 (lightweight/marathon). I like some of the ideas tho…but Overwatch? Silenced weapons and the fact they aren’t on the radar was what drew me into to cod in the first place. I remember after a couple of days of cod4 I was like ..’oh I see ..this is a great idea!’ . It started a trend in my cod playing that has lasted to this day. 90% of my classes are silenced and I love it. Making the silencer redundant would really spoil the game for me.


I love the perks in cod I really do I just wish they would calm down on the amount of stuff we get. Over the last few incarnations attachments have basically become perks also ( the impact attachment is Deep impact from cod to name one example). I might sound like an old fogy but having a gun with one attachment and a basic primary meant I really had to think about my three perks and they seemed more important because there were only three. Items like proximity radars  and weapon attachments like rapid fire and double attachments mean the player is getting 4-5 perks. I Like what was mentioned the pick ten system was perfect as players had to sacrifice attachments , perks and equipment in order to get what they wanted. I don’t think IW should be scared to copy BOPS as they stumbled on a real good way to balance the player load-outs. It wouldn’t be the first time companies borrowed ideas from one another.

I would like to see


Equipment – like flash bangs etc.

Lethals – like semtex

Primary weapon – with one attachment only

secondary – pistol or launcher. ( this would mean the overkill perk would suddenly become useful).


Perk 1 / 2 / 3


2 Attachments should be a perk 1 in order to prevent OP weapons.

Assassin or the equivalent should be in the same tier as the better perks and it should be weakened.

Bring back Deep Impact and make the pro secondaries also get the perk.


If they have to have ‘pro’ perks I wish they would make them much harder to obtain. I really don’t think of the pro as being separate as it is so quickly got after the original…unless it is sit rep that took a long time. How about this also? The ‘Pro’ costs you points. So you can choose to have half the perk and save a point. Why not make killstreaks part of the point system also. Make specialist 3 points. Support 4 ( a very basic form of support with just stuff like UAV / vests and turrets) and offensive 5. It would mean less crap is in the air and more people are running and gunning.

Lastly I think team perks could be useful. You should be able to vote on the faction and get one small perk. For example if the team calls in 10 UAVS the 11th one is an advanced UAV.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 22, 2013.

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