MW GOLD – My Idea for the ultimate edition / MW 2.1 / Modern Warfare classic

Taken from an entry I made on the MW4 forum I propose this :

Simple. Imagine mw2 with all the cod 4 maps combined. Nerf the explosions down and make the action of using the tube and rpg slower (even when SOH is equipped). Take out last stand. Players only allowed one claymore and only 20% of scav packs reveal equipment ( the rest just ammo). Make the harrier 9 kills and the pavelow 11 kills. If you want to use a shotgun as secondary you can’t have perk one. No akimbo machine pistols. There we have it MW 2.1.

Game 2

COD 4 included. All the maps and DLC together (GOTY edition basically). No Marty. 3 frags becomes 2 frags. Throw in maybe 20 of the best call of duty maps from cod 1-3 as a bonus. Keep the killstreaks and weapons the same. Gloss it up a little.

For everyone who would argue they don’t want a rehash but something new. MW3 was a rehash but it was a backwards step. The weapons were OP and the levels were unecessarily horrid. If IW wanted to make a really good cod they shoudl take an extra year ….use a new engine and actually make a good next generation mw game. They don’t have to hide behind it being a rehash. Literally call it Call of duty platinum edition. Make it obvious it is for here and now and something bigger is coming soon. The sheer amount of weapons and levels would keep people going for now Make it 5-10 dollars cheaper than the normal release price and don’t bother with DLC as it is all in there. If they really want DLC then they could still get some out ( not every month tho).

Maybe I will get abused here , but I would buy it and it would require very little in the way of effort on IW behalf. Meanwhile they could do a good job of the next mw4 instead of reskinning mw2 again with more silly ideas.

I was thinking out loud really …but hey who wouldn’t want to play the classic with tweaks and all the crap removed?



~ by richardpmurfin on April 12, 2013.

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