Life on Facebook?

So I often ponder on FB and the questions seemingly are lost in time. Where do they go ? Are they store somewhere? How far back you go when searching? I sometimes see a quote from maybe a year ago pop up. Can I really go back to day one and find my first ever post? If so , how can there be that much virtual storage? Will it ever run out? Who knows…..well perhaps the guys at FB do.

Football rant

This week there have been a lot of rumours about Arsenal….. buying Valdes and such. I really don’t get it. Szczesny is maturing into a very good keeper. They need a solid back up and should address the obvious problems. Namely, a solid defensive midfield engine who can control the heart of midfield and a world class striker to deliver the goods week in week out. It’s sad to say but they miss RVP and even Patrick Vieira………….

McDermott to take the Leeds job? Better choice than Hughes, would probably have preferred Di Matteo or O’Neille…but hey anyone is better than Mark Hughes.

My caffeine addiction

So 4 cups of coffee in the machine I am using is basically 2. Two Grandes to be precise…..not 4 as it states ……Granted the world before Starbucks dealt in cups of coffee that wouldn’t give a rhino a heavy buzz after drinking *one* cup of coffee. Since when was a pint of coffee the norm? To make matters worse all the local competitors are rushing to keep up……even 7-11 and 85 degrees are starting to resemble cinema size drink holders. Today I had the dark Italian and chocolate and tangerine bread ( see pic) .

Photo: Tomorrow's breakfast!


MW3 / New Vegas

Continuing to play both. Mw3 has got me rehooked as of late. Form last two days was awesome with the P90. Rocking some heavy scores and MOAB’s don’t seem that far away . Still haven’t bettered my 42-0 on Bakaara tho. As for New Vegas , playing it a lot but not for a few days. I have to be careful I don’t put it down for too long or I forget where I am and in the end stop playing it because it’s been too long.

Still posting on mw4 forum but not a lot happens there tbh. It’s not like C4 was.





~ by richardpmurfin on April 12, 2013.

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