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So my I joined Mw4 ….hopefully it will be cool and not full of douche bags. C4 was awesome ( the one on this page which is no longer available). First topic I answered in was interesting and got me thinking about mw4. Instead of writing it all again I will just use my post . It talks about mw4 and ideas they should incorporate. What do you guys think of these ideas :

The knife should only be a OHK if it is directly behind or silent….a little like KZ3. Other than that it should be a third choice weapon. You should also bleed out not just die in a second. My major complaint about cod nowadays is that it is too fast and the guns are OP. You can run rapid fire pp90m1’s with extended mags and literally kill the whole team in one go. In cod4 ( I know I sound like an old man) you had to stop and reload behind a barrel ……SOH was a second tier perk so no one used it. Meaning killing was more tactical. If you wanted to continue your rampage when out of bullets then you had to switch to your secondary . JUST a pistol , so you really had to be on the ball to finish the other guy off ( ooh errr) . I still didn’t agree when they capped the single shots tho. No sleight of hand in mw4 would mean that extended mags would be a viable option on your the moment you can reload at the speed of light. Also why not merge perks like overkill and sleight of hand and make them perk 2. So if you use overkill you get two good guns and can switch quickly. That would mean less people would use assassin. Assassin could be downgraded and cut in half . Black ops2 did this a lot. They took the parts of a perk and broke it into pieces. I do believe that assassin should protect you from standard UAV’s as they are cheap and easy to obtain. I think other perks like ninja should stop your name from being seen. Advanced uavs should be avoided by using blind eye for example. No one should be able to see past counter UAV’s or it is a redundant streak…indeed it isn’t that good anyway.

Secondaries should just be launchers and pistols. No machine pistols and  no secondaries that have like 30 bullets in a mag….certainly no akimbo. Secondaries should be last ditch. ALL support streaks ( if they are brought back) should be basic. They should literally be ballistic vests , UAVS and perhaps a recon chopper style thing ( downgrade the xp and points for it and make the tag last 1 minute tops). The support system should only have like 5 streaks as it too OP in my opinion.

The weapons need to be slowed down. They are just too fast and too powerful and have too many rounds. Weapons like the p90 have been caught up. It now seems to be standard for a weapon to have 40 rounds and fire at like 900 rpm. Add 30-40 damage to that and the weapons are just damned silly. IW shouldnt be scared to have high drop off for SMG’s. Recoil is weapons is a must. No more sniping with the mp7. People said the mp5 had too much recoil but lets be fair in games like cod4 it would be considered moderate recoil. They need to make the weapon standard lower so that we cn appreciate the simpler things in life again. If a weapon has the recoil of cm901 but it is the best gun then people wouldnt complain……as it *gulp* requires some skill to use……isn’t that we want?

This was a follow up reply when Stopping power was mentioned :

The one way SP would help is people would choose it over assassin. But that is only if it is the same tier. I don’t agree the game needs Stopping power . I have never missed it for a second. I think multipliers should be the same for all standard weapons that aren’t shotguns ( one pellet to the hand shouldn’t do 30 damage for example). The damage carried over distance should change tho.

Forgive me when I talk about cod I normally relate it to IW’s games. After all Black ops is a different entity entirely and I am assuming mw4 will be more like the IW games. I also never played black ops2 that much. The lag compensation put me off.

The maps were mentioned above. Personally I really don’t like maybe half the maps in mw3. I like a lot of the DLC maps but to me they are redundant as I haven’t been able to find an objective game using them since……well never ( I live in Asia and they don’t release them over here …need my UK acccount)…..If I never see Hardhat ort Downturn again I will be a happy man. The main problem was IW ‘listened’ to the community…..meaning everyone hates snipers except snipers. So what do we get ….huge impassible walls blocking off every view more than 10 yards. 3 entrances to every room ( to preventing camping apparently). Basically a rat trap. All levels feel horribly closed in and tight and maze like. The only maps that aren’t like that are the DLC ones like Liberation ….which must have been brought in to appease the snipers and Wasteland lovers. I myself have never had a problem with ‘campers’…..Granted you do see less in mW3 but to the detriment of the game. The maps aren’t likeable in any positive way. Fallen is the only map I geniunely enjoy in mw3 and only because it feels like a cod4 map.

Different game modes should utilise different maps ( like BOPS does ) . So if you want run and gun game modes it should be in a rotation…..Eg – Maps like dome and Rust should be rotated in relevant game modes like KC and TDM. Huge maps don’t work on some game modes that much is clear. Estate demolition? Come on now don’t be silly..there are only so many times I can run up a hill and be sniped in the head. Modes like team tactical should utilise small to medium size maps and obviously GW should be JUST the larger ones. New game modes can be introduced although I don’t see them catching on . All the good objective games are empty within 3 months. People just play Dom , TDM and Search. I would love to see more people play CTF. They have to bring in multiple teams. BOPS did it eventually and It long overdue. CTF variants with multi teams would be amazing. Hardpoint was a great game mode as it wasn’t as hardcore as HQ and gave more scope for faster more action packed games. How about an assassin game mode like KZ3 …that was a great idea. Another good idea from KZ was a timed match consisting of lots of games in one ( reach the scoreline)… got me tho….I just lie variation. I hate the linear TDM game styles..they just bore me. I wish they would just be honest and call TDM – Chase the spawn points. It would show it for what it really is.

Just my two cents on the new mw4 . If you want to talk directly to me I am on the mw4 forum under Gia. Catch you guys around.

Today I watched the hobbit in the morn while drinking coffee and ended up going to shabu shabu with Jody. Back to work tomorrow.



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