Fallout New Vegas / Missed the grand national / The hobbit / End of 4 day holiday / Drank too much!

title says it all. I picked up New Vegas ….great game . It has ALL the DLC so there is so much to do already ( gives you the mission options right from the start). So many new weapons and monsters. I didn’t see the national ….proper shame. It was once the highlight of the sporting year for me. I must say tho 2 horses fell. Two? In the old days betting on a horse that finished was hard enough. Now when the betting is being talked about , it’s like he has finished the course 4 times….that was unheard of even ten years ago. It isn’t a lottery like the old days. Watched the Hobbit on pay per view….it wasn’t bad.  A little long winded but overall not too bad. Back to work on Monday and the backlash of not getting 100% will surely ensue ( I don’t know the scores yet but it wont be as good as muzha) . I feel for these kids ….they worked all year and weren’t even allowed a 5 minute break after their big test……….oh well that’s Taiwan I guess. Almost glad to get back to work after drinking altogether too much beer….have to watch the old weight …..it creeps up on you. Anyway ..think I will run now and maybe have Shabu with Jody later. She is out in the mountains of Keelung for Tombsweeping. An old traditional holiday to celebrate relatives long gone. Bought some new sunglasses also…..not sure why I mentioned it……ok bye for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 7, 2013.

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