Sunday hangovers………..It’s all good …..

Okay so we started with yakitori and beer and ended in Roxy 99 ( Jody’s idea). It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I do have a hangover but I am not lying on the chair holding my head in pain………We are watching Catfish on catchplay. It is a documentary about a guy in New York who befriends a family  in Michigan via an 8 year old’s paintings of his pictures. It leads to a series of back and forths until they meet up. Not the best way to describe it , but the story is an intriguing tale of technology , telling tales and uncovering the plot as it is ensues. It is the kind of story that makes you open your eyes about different lives and situations.

Later I might gather the energy to run and enjoy the day. I am considering buying Tomb Raider on ps3 as it looks a lot like an Uncharted game. But I still haven’t played Uncharted 3. I also like the look of Crysis 3 but getting enough players in Asia to have a decent game is unlikely if Crysis 2 is anything to go by.

Man this movie is unraveling more …..quite a good watch……embarrassing, nervy , funny and twisted!


~ by richardpmurfin on March 17, 2013.

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