Lazy Saturday with coffee and Modern Warfare / Sunshine English school / Suntory / Costco / Taiwan living

Yeh, it has been a good day. Just got back from a jog but before that it was copious amounts of MW3. There is a game mode called MW3some in which they rotate Mission, Terminal and Dome. Combining those maps with TDM/DOM and Search. I went on a run of good form and demolished the opponents with some heavy hitting. I even managed an 18-4 in S & D in Terminal ( that is good for me!) . I am on the hunt for a MOAB again (got a FFA MOAB last week) and have even set out an ACR class with portable radar and support ( sometimes specialist). I have got close recently (19/21/17) but I am yet to get back to the form I was on before the 9 months off).

Last night I watched some baseball and drank Busch lager and the Premium Malt’s. Baseball is intruiging. It is slow and repetitive and they rarely talk about the actual game…but there must be a reason why millions watch it …so I will persevere. Here is my FB quote to further elicit the point :

Trying to get into baseball on Fox. It has a good atmos when your drinking beer. Still makes me laugh that as they are pitching and hitting people are chatting about statistics …there is rarely a point where people talk about the game that is happening. It seems to be what happened last week or what will happen next week, or some guys training strategy. Funny sport.

Last night we had Thai food ( spicy mince, coconut chicken and river cabbage) and may even go for Yakitori tonight. Been watching a lot of Animation domination recently ( Family Guy and the Simpsons ) on Fox. Great way to unwind later on. It is the school PTA next Friday . Last week we had a speech & jepoardy contest at Sunshine and I spent the whole day in a youth centre. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds tho …..alas we didn’t win. I am still reading Stephen King (yeh I have slowed down) but Paul has promised to lend me the Rum Diaries. The last shot story ( the ten O’clock people ) was actually decent.

We have now got Costco cards and every couple of weeks enjoy English muffins, bagels, cereal ( in big boxes) and even decent cheddar cheese! I watched Leaves of grass with Edward Norton the other day…it wasn’t bad. Okay that’s it for now. Below is a pic from my FB along with the comment ( I wasn’t showing off honest ) :  God this is actually quite pretentious , it was post run and I wanted a sunny pic. I’m not trying to be ‘cool’……well maybe a little


~ by richardpmurfin on March 16, 2013.

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