Back to work

Yeh, it’s not that bad. It is Wednesday now and I still have to work until Saturday. That said I am enjoying not drinking. I am aiming for my first drink to be Saturday night. Given last Saturday at the Speakeasy is a blur and I have no memory after the Arsenal game ( Blackburn beat them 1-0 in the FA cup). Arsenal also lost to Bayern last night 3-1. I guess which ever team I choose to follow no matter how brief , they are destined to be cursed ……..

Anyway I will finish this week up with some Yakitori and Taiwan beer with Jody in a controlled environment with Jody in Jong-He. The minute we go into Taipei City and hit a real pub things go awry. Shots ensue and I simply cannot control myself. At least in a local place we watch each other, don’t drink shots and eat food which helps to moderate the drunkness. Enough about alcohol that was last week ( The hangover I had on Sunday is not worth remembering).

Games : Not been playing that much recently. Did have a blast or two on the free games I got from Sony after the network went off last year. Namely Wipeout and Hustle KIngs. Both not bad tbh. I also have been played Civilization quite a bit but on medium level ( King) even then it is too hard. No one attacks me that much but some country ends up going to the  moon or making a wad of cash before I have barely discovered the train……..I looked forward to the new Aliens colonial marines title on ps3 but it got crap reviews 😦 .

Books : Still reading a collection of Stephen King. Last nights short story was about a couple who wonder into Rock and Roll hell and become permanent residents. Some eery little stories and very addictive.

Jamie Oliver is on the TV and I am drinking the last of the Barista coffee. I am tempted to buy a very overpriced bag from Starbucks later ( Jody says it’s ££££ and not worth it) . But it is good stuff even if it only lasts a week at most).

Movies : I want to watch the new Die Hard at the cinema this Sunday despite the fact again the reviews were bad …but hey who cares. I was however disappointed by Looper which I saw on the plane back from Japan.

Okay that’s all for now. Byeeee!


~ by richardpmurfin on February 20, 2013.

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