I am currently drinking – Suntory Premium Malt’s & watching Newcastle vs Chelsea

Man what a game that was. Sissoko already looks like a sensational signing. 2 million quid is a bargain in today’s football. 3-2 to Newcastle in the end. Great stuff and back to back wins for the first time in 11 months.

I am having a Premium Malt’s despite having two heavy days on the beer. Thursday night we did Chang-An East road stir fry restaurants. The best one being Seafood Market Taipei — Fresh 100 :

The stretch of Taipei’s Changan East Road (長安東路) directly west of Xinsheng North Road (新生北路) is lined with seafood restaurants. Almost all of them display tanks and fresh fish on ice and advertise stir-fried dishes for NT$100. It can be hard to distinguish between the different establishments, but Hsientingwei (鮮定味) is one of the most popular and stands out for its top-notch, helpful service and the tastiness of its cooking.

We then went out to a couple of night markets on Friday culminating in an unscheduled visit to Bobwundayes with Gareth.

Overall this holiday has been decorated by salty foods and good beer. The only thing that stops me from being a chunky fat ass is my minor running addiction in no4 park. But given how much food and drink I am getting thru I still need to be careful. Anyway that’s all for now. Cheery bye!


~ by richardpmurfin on February 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “I am currently drinking – Suntory Premium Malt’s & watching Newcastle vs Chelsea”

  1. Chelsea lost 🙂

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