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Lol, I was in mourning for him and had to endure a mission without Vorstag. Namely the companions mission : Proving Honor . This is obtained from Farkas in Jorrvaskr. In which you have to prove your ready for the Companions. Unfortunately you have to drop your companion. In my case Vorstag, who has been with me for so long I can’t face losing him. I had to do it in the end and just hope this game doesn’t remove him , or indeed all the stuff I have given him. I still took Sebastion Lort and a powerful pyromancer with me to do it. I had already done 90% of the mission by accident ( thru general adventuring) , I just couldn’t get into the last room. So we walloped the Draugr’s and I was initiated. I ran back to Markarth and the Silver-Blood inn and there was Vorstag having a beer by the fire. As I signed him up again ( 500 but he was worth it ) and he made some banter about being happy to see me again and glad I wasn’t dead…..I see a corpse by the doorway…and there he is ; Arondil is lying there. Suffice to say the old team is back , with my new fire mage on top. All is good in the world of Skyrim again. Hapy days. I am now watching Nigeria vs Burkina Faso in the African Nations.



~ by richardpmurfin on January 22, 2013.

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