African nations cup on Eurosport!

Having missed many a tournament in Taiwan , given the timezone in Europe and having to work and such. I am now in the lucky situation of having the entire African nations on Eurosport. One month of football, coffee , beer and relaxation. What more can I say?

SOUTH AFRICA, Port Elizabeth : Mali's midfielder Seydou Keita celebrates after scoring a goal against Niger during the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations football match at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth on January 20, 2013. AFP
First game : African Cup of Nations Group B, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth – Mali 1 (Keita 84) Niger 0.
The replay of that game is on now. Today I played some Skyrim in the morning (woke up at 9.50 eh eh eh ), spent the whole time foraging for Grand soul gems. Getting Vorstag Ebony arrows ( to prevent him using his damn hunting bow). Then went to Barista coffee and started reading one of my three new books I picked up at Bongos. I bought Shutter Island after being very impressed with the movie a year or so back. Walked to Guting and took the MRT back to Nanshijao. Bought some bread from Bread Societe and here I am. I will run soon to try and pre-empt the weight gain I will get in Tokyo in a few days!

~ by richardpmurfin on January 21, 2013.

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