Went out last night to the Sunshine annual work party. Was close to my house, pretty lively and overall , not a bad night. The food started badly but got better. The beer was cold ( after some chivying of the staff). I managed to find one or two people I knew also. Me and Jody then walked around the Jingmei area, had some beer , went to Fridays in Guting and then ended up in Bobwundayes with Gareth , culminating in one beer at Carnegies. Man that place has gone to the dogs. Read my blog back a few years and that was the be all and end all of my week. Anyway we avoided Roxy 99 ( Gareth and Travis didn’t lol) and went to bed at 5am . Which leads to Sunday which was suprisingly chilled and hangover free day in the 101 area and Watami.

I was gonna harp on about Watami but there is no need. Hungry girl beat me to it. I am sure she won’t mind if I post a link to her blog. She basically has been everywhere I have but before me lol. Good stuff. Anyway I really liked it . It was a very chilled Sunday for me and Jody and we sat and looked out over the 101 area and enjoyed some lovely Japanese food. Ranging from Yakitori to Korean style hot pot , right down to a Japanese pizza .

Here is Hungry girls link to it :

Address :

at Neo 19, 2nd FL
22, SongShou Rd
(02) 2723-2623


~ by richardpmurfin on January 20, 2013.

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