3 more days until Chinese New Year

Not much else to say. Bought some Vietnamese coffee for cheap ( two bags actually ) in a street near Nanshijao . The area is full of little shops serving everything from Indian, to Thai to Vietnamese food and products. There is also a great Cantonese place down there. Some of the stuff is really cheap and obscure. In this case I went for this coffee as Jody got some as a gift a year back and it was amazing coffee. Alas this stuff is too much. I like strong coffee but these coffees are sort of cloying. Hard to describe but there are too many flavors in them. The one I had just now would be perfect for a tiny cup . But in a large mug it had too much cocoa and even coconut it seemed. The overall flavor was too sweet and thick. I could drink it as a change but not a pot of it like I have been with the Starbucks one. Seems like a trip to the Bucks over the road from Sunshine is in order later. Anyway off to work soon. Toodle pip!


~ by richardpmurfin on January 16, 2013.

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