Five more days until I have a month off!

Yes, you heard me. I am supping a coffee now. I face 5 more days then I have a whole month off for Chinese New Year. Probably too much time, but hey I am not complaining. All that time I was complaining about Christmas and my lack of holiday will be made up for .

Finishing my Starbucks coffee ( see previous entry ) and had some chocolate bread for a decent bakery in Taiwan ( ) . It wasn’t long ago you literally couldn’t find western style bread here , now there seems to a glut , due to increased competition. Once one ‘cool’ bakery enters the market , companies see it’s popularity and enter a ‘me too’ race , probably the favourite marketing tool of companies in Taiwan. The winner invariably is the customer so I won’t complain. One of the key companies to kick start this was Top Pot bakery ( Despite being obsessed with walnuts in that shop (literally 90% of bread has walnuts in it)they also have decent bread and it sells like …erm hotcakes hehe. It seems the reign of pork floss, red bean and taro is finally over……well maybe not over but at least it isn’t the ONLY filling in the bakeries . I am sure If I go backwards in this blog I will find a few entries about how crap the bread is or in this case was over here hehe. Long live good bread!!!!!!


~ by richardpmurfin on January 14, 2013.

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