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Yeh, just been boosting my Smithing set. Got some bracers , a ring and necklace. Combined with a smithing potion and I was able to make some epic Ebony armor and a helmet. I then slapped on some enchantments ( regen and destruction) . And I am ready to go! Really got into my smithing. I had to look to improve myself as I lost Arondil post quest ( one of those where you can’t take your thralls and companion spell the end for them ..pardon the pun). The game is so buggy I knew I would lose him sooner or later. But having throw away thralls makes things a lot less worrying I now have a Bandit Chief and a Forsworn magic user/fighter. It means they are tough easily brought back and it’s not a big deal if they die.

I now sit here on Saturday after enjoying some coffee and might consider a run .I am a little hungover but not in the same league as Jody who had to work. She went to Hells kitchen last night and came in late ( requiring me to play for taxi hehe) . We will see how bad she is later after she gets back hehe. I stayed in and watched DIe Hard 2 and played skyrim whilst drinking Super dry beer. Luxury!

What about this for breaking news :

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC map pack Revolution lets you play as a zombie for the first time in the gargantuan shooter series.

Revolution adds a new game mode, called Turned, which sees one player as the lone human face off against player-controller zombies. Kill the lone human and you respawn as the lone human. The player with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Elsewhere, Revolution adds four new multiplayer maps, a new zombies co-op map set in a series of collapsed skyscrapers in the remains of a destroyed Chinese city, and the Peacekeeper SMG, the first time a weapon has been included in a Black Ops add-on.

As expected, the DLC launches first on Xbox Live, on 29th January, for 1200 Microsoft Points, with other platforms to follow. You can buy Revolution on its own or grab it as part of the Season Pass discounted bundle.

Treyarch takes us through Revolution in the video below.

Far Cry 3 free PS3-exclusive ‘High Tides’ DLC lands January 15

Free ‘High Tides‘ co-op content for Far Cry 3 is washing up on PlayStation Network shores on Tuesday, January 15. The PS3-exclusive DLC includes two chapters, Jailbreak and Redemption, that tell the epilogue of the game’s co-op campaign.

Multiplayer-focused developer Massive Entertainment says High Tides features the “final moments” of the co-op campaign’s quartet and their adventure on the island. Going by the description of “tougher fights,” “bigger competitions,” and “explosive moments unlike anything you’ve seen before,” we suspect it won’t chronicle a long day of struggling to nap on a rock-solid airport couch, which is how our island adventures usually end.


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