Severe snowstorms in the USA / Christmas is over….what Christmas? / 4 Days off for me over New Year / Anticipating Chinese New Year / Modern Warfare 4 news / Modern Warfare 4 release date / Call of duty MW4

When I complain about the weather in Taiwan I have to put things into perspective :

Severe snowstorm moves across US

This was the news I came across first thing after waking. Man , after New York I thought the weird weather was finished. Hope they get over it quickly.

Christmas was a non-event as I had to work , indeed I not only had to work but had a real shitty time of it. I won’t go into it in depth. I do however have four days off starting from Saturday which I will enjoy no doubt with a beer or two and some good food with Jody. We had a great gathering last Saturday. Me, Gareth, Travis,Paul and Eoghain had turkey, drank beer and whiskey, watched Die Hard 2 and played some zombies till early morn. The know on effect was I still felt rough on Monday tho heheh.

Modern Warfare info

After being disappointed by the last two incarnations I will look to mw4 as the last chance to get rehooked. Not since mw2 have I really enjoyed it. Given the state of the signal in Black ops I don’t even try anymore. I only play zombies. I am tempted to buy World at War super cheap just for zombies.

After scouring the web I found this recently :

t does not take a seasoned industry watcher to predict that Activision will make a new Call of Duty game in 2013, but first details on this project have come to light. Siliconera has heard from a source that next year’s Call of Duty will be a continuation of the Modern Warfare series.

The main character of this unannounced title is a “battle-hardened veteran in his mid-thirties with a nihilistic point of view,” the source says, and voice-overs for the game are currently under way in Los Angeles, California.

This news follows a report from last month, when voice actor Bill Murray (Captain Price) reportedly confirmed Modern Warfare 4. Murray later denied having said anything on the matter, and Infinity Ward called the report “speculation.”

An Activision representative was not immediately available for comment.

The Modern Warfare story arc began in 2007 with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Sequels Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 were released in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

Anyway, like I said, I won’t hold my breath in 2013 for anything earth shattering. If it is like the last few games people will die after .000000000005 seconds and every gun will be dual wield with rapid fire. Black ops 1 was crap but at least they got the fact that people should be killed by bullets aimed at the person not spammed….oh well , better stop before I rant.


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