Coffee keeps me going in the winter

No it isn’t that cold really. I just find that I am really enjoying my coffee again. There was a stage for maybe 6 months where I really could take it or leave it. Recently coffee ( a lot like beer ) has become a massive part of my life. It seems that my obsessions take turns. Last week I was re-obsessed with Skyrim and was starting to get angry with Black ops ( the lack of signal was driving me mad). I am now back into BOPS2 again , providing I have a decent signal. Only objective games of course I still can’t stand TDM. SMG’s seem to be the way forward in BOPS indeed I run an smg in 4 classes and AR’s in 2. They are good guns, but given the proximity of the levels I guess speed and hipfiring is of the essence. Hardpoint , CTF and Demo being my fave game modes right now. I do miss Sabo tho.

Over Christmas in an attempt to grab some xmas spirit I have been watching Fox family movies on channel 69 ( MOD ) . It has dual lanaguages and in the last two days has show classics such as Sleepless in Seattle and Labyrinth . I also watched the predictable yet very watchable Parent Trap with an innocent cute Lindsey Lohan before the drugs took hold.

I love ‘Here comes the sun’  by the beatles. I didn’t even know it was their song until quite recently. Very unbeatle like yet their variety is what made them the Beatles.

Last week I had a bad back on Friday so my weekend was partially ruined. It got better by the end but the any exercise or walking around was ruined by that and torrential rain. The weather was bitter at the start of the week . Now, before work I look outside and it is bright and hot?

I definitely think I will dig into some Taiwan beer or Japanese beer this weekend. That Zombies, Black ops and Skyrim. Jody has a cold right now and still takes medicine post op, so I am not sure she will enjoy beer with me. So I look forward to football, beer, games and chilling out.

Looking at the Nuketown zombies info . I find myself jealous of people who own it. I didn’t give a rats ass about zombies 4 weeks ago. Now I genuinely love it and wish I had ANY extra zombies DLC. You can only get Nuketown Zombies tho IF you get a season pass. Something I won’t do after buying Elite for MW3 and not even getting halfway through the deliveries ( got to July and then sort of gave up).

This also makes me a little jealous :


Activision today revealed the release date in regards to the Nuketown Zombies DLC for the Xbox 360 version of their recently-released multiplatform title, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.” The new downloadable content will be available for season pass holders on Dec. 12. You can check out the new Nuketown Zombies DLC that was also revealed today, in addition to several other shots from the first-person shooter. (info

I will keep my eyes open to see whether it is worth buying in the future.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 14, 2012.

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