My 500th blog entry! Tesco fail in the USA / Tesco to withdraw from America / British Giants Tesco give up on ‘fresh and easy’ / Tesco retreat for America

Yes, it has been almost 7 years in the making . This blog started just after I left the UK.  The post style has changed since then, I have changed since then…heck even my marital status has changed since then. I talked a lot more about the UK. I was in awe of everything Taiwanese from the 7-11 to the stir fry restaurants! To be honest most things still amaze me every day. The reason I got thinking about the UK was this I found today :

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Tesco retreats from loss-making US foray

By Mark Wembridge

Tesco’s chief executive has drawn the curtain on the British grocer’s ill-fated foray into the US, confirming the likely sale of Fresh & Easy and the departure of the loss-making division’s head.

Philip Clarke on Wednesday said that Tesco would initiate an strategic review of Fresh & Easy, in an effort to staunch losses from its US business.

This got me thinking about UK life and businesses. Something that never even crosses my mind normally. Indeed I care less about UK companies and stuff every day. I find myself checking Google for Taiwanese brands and wonder whether HTC’s has increased as a global brand.

Anyway, who knows maybe I will be posting again after another 500 entries , talking potentially about 7 more wonderful years in Taiwan!


~ by richardpmurfin on December 5, 2012.

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