December gaming / Enjoying Black Ops 2 / Skyrim is still very fun / Looking to 2013 / Big games in 2013 / 2013 big game releases

So this year has been a good one for games. It marks a return to RPG’s for me. Having bought Final Fantasy 7 off the PS Network . a large part of me was worried it might just be crap after all these years. Indeed it wasn’t it was still amazing. Modern Warfare 3 fizzled out for me after a few months but I have been impressed with Black ops 2 so far. I am not addicted like I was , neither am I as blown away as I was with mw2. But I like it. When it’s not lagging out or freezing it is a good game. Zombies is especially fun with some beer and mates. Skyrim for me was the real prize of the year. Yes technically it is a 2011 title . But I didn’t pick it up till later this year. Man what a game. The world is just so wonderful. I truly recommend.

So that leads me onto the big ones of 2013 . Some games have just GOT to be bought no matter how many titles lay unfinished in my PS3 room *cough* ; Yakuza4 , Red Dead, Fallout 3 to name but a few.

* GTA 5 – What more is there to say. Open world cities start and end with GTA . Enthralling live worlds with a myriad of missions. Getting drunk and stealing cars. I can already hear those sirens!

* God of War: Ascension – Maybe I am being Sony biased , but it’s hard not to be drawn in by the GOW games ( not not gears of war) . It promises to be amazing.

* The Last of Us – Sony’s development team behind Uncharted make a post apocalyptic title about a man and his daughters survival in en empty yet dangerous world. I’m in. Trouble is I am still yet to play Uncharted 3 …damn another one for the list!

* Watch dogs – Set in a future while computers control everything ….a little like I-Robot, Ubisofts new game promises to revolutionize action adventure style titles …sounds like competition for GTA5 for sho!

Other titles of note :

* Gears of war judgement

* BioShock Infinite

* Tomb Raider



~ by richardpmurfin on December 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “December gaming / Enjoying Black Ops 2 / Skyrim is still very fun / Looking to 2013 / Big games in 2013 / 2013 big game releases”

  1. Final Fantasy 7 is a game I find myself playing every 2 years or so. GTA5 will be here soon, but I’m hoping the next Red Dead and Fallout 4 are launch titles for the next-gen systems!

    • Oh yes! Fallout 4 . I really hope it is more of the same for the ps4 etc. I really loved the atmosphere in Fallout, far scarier than Skyrim. Read Dead is another I worry about. For it to be successful they really need to have a lot more interaction than the last. The first one was amazing but they need to make it bigger and better. Final Fantasy 7 was so good I bought FF9 off the PSN network but I didnt play more than a few hours before stopping…it just wasn’t the same for me.

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