Favourite character of the week in Skyrim / Favourite death thrall Skyrim :


So he has been with me thru thick and thin. Survived the death of my first companion Uthgerd. He never disappoints, he never lets me down, he does occasionally get my companion angry and spark a cat fight to the death however. I never did the below book collection task. If it possible I might just go back & do it.
Basic Info
Race Altmer
Gender Male
Level Radiant (7-40)
Class Conjurer
Ref ID 00037D81
Base ID 00037D80

Arondil (formerly of Dawnstar) is a Necromancer and Ice Mage experimenting with necroamimus. After being “evicted” from Dawnstar for his experiments, Arondil took refuge in the icy depths of Yngvild where he endeavors to “reanimate and enslave the dead”. Arondil has an obsession with the young milkmaids of Dawnstar and has found a way to bolster his already unique entirely female Draugr entourage with their reanimated specters, the Yngvild Ghosts.


Arondil is the author of four journals (quest items) that can be found on tables as you descend into his lair. The journals paint a highly disturbing image of the man and chronicle his actions thoroughly.

Return the journals to Vekel the Man in The Ragged Flagon for a reward.


  • You can turn the Yngvild Ghost standing next to his throne against him if you can sneak by them and take the soul gem on the nearby pedestal.

~ by richardpmurfin on December 3, 2012.

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