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I love zombies. Drinking Taiwan beer and playing zombies with randoms across the world doesn’t sound that exciting, but it sure is.

It is actually a lot deeper than I first thought also. Being able to build a turbine. Catching the bus to specific destinations for actual reasons other than just randomly driving around . It really is most enjoyable.

I have also managed to accumulate a few tips from recent games , not a lot , but a few :

* You can walk from place to place. You are attacked by demons but it’s possible to run and jump and knife them off.

* Shooting zombies in the leg first then knifing them will get you more points.

* Buy a revive to give you a second change.

* You can build a turbine to open the doors instead of buying them ( use the parts in the station to combine).

* You can fit different bits to the bus!

* You can get electric knuckle dusters on the roof of the the diner at the second stop I think it is.





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  2. hey man, some tips here that i hope will blend in nicely with thse vids that you will find on youtube:

    in the first round you will want to be either knifing zombies, or shooting them 6 times in the chest/8 times in the legs and then knife them. this will accumulate the most points possible in the first round. in the 2nd round you can easily pump 2 full mags of the 1911 into the chest and then knife them, or just knife them twice because in the first couple of rounds, you will need to knife the zombies the same amount of times as the round that you are on.


    quick revive: in the starting area you can buy quick revive. in solo, you can buy this perk and it will revive you when you get downed. every match you can buy this perk 3 times before the machine will dissappear. in multiplayer, the quick revive perk allows you to revive fallen allies alot faster. in sp it costs 500 points and in mp it will cost you 1500 points. most people tend to avoid quick revive in multiplayer because it is then one of the more useless perks. in tranzit however you cannot revive fallen teammates in the fog because the denizens will prevent that, unless you have the quick revive perk, or the quick revive ‘permanent’ perk (advisable to search a vid about that)

    speed cola: speed cola is basically sleight of hand and allows you to reload your weapons about twice as fast and is really usefull. it can be bought for 3000 points in the diner.

    double tap 2.0: in game it’s still named the same as in previous cod zombies, but many now name this perk version 2.0. the reason being, in previous cods, in zombies double tap root beer would give you an increase in fire rate of about 33%. in BO2 zombies however this has been tuned down, you do not gain as much of a bonus in fire rate. HOWEVER! and this is pretty neat, with every bullet fired, you actually fire 2 bullets, for the price of one, effectively more than doubling your damage output with the slight increased RoF. it can be bought for 2000 points in the farm.

    juggernog: the most important perk in the game! almost essential to survive higher rounds. it can be bought for 2500 points in the town and basically doubles your health.

    Stamin-up: Makes you able to run faster and longer. can be bought for 2000 points in the bar in town ( the house across the bank, and not the house where you buy juggernog )

    tombstone: this perk costs 2000 points and can be bought in the adjecent buidling where you turn the power on and can only be bought in multiplayer. bascially when you buy this perk, your allies do not get time to revive you. however when the next round starts and you can make it back to the place where you died in time, there will be a drop for you there that will give you back all the other perks you had at the time and your guns.

    Guns: general

    first off: mystery box. spend 950 points on the box and get a random weapon or usefull tactical grenade. things to look out for are the ray gun for power, the rpd or HAMR lmg due to loads of ammo, and the galil assault rifle comes with quite alot of ammo aswell. Monkey bombs can be found in the mystery box aswell and are probably one of the favourite items of any fanatic zombie player. throw one of them and all zombies will be lured to it, diverting attention away from the player entirely, this gives more then enough time to revive a fallen teammate. Every so often, after what seems to be a random amount of uses, the mystery box will disappear and relocate to another location. there are set locations where it can go to, but to which one it goes, is random.

    upgrading. weapons can be upgraded by using the Pack A Punch (PaP) machine, for 5000 points. this increases damage done by your weapon, often gives you increased magazines and more ammo and make them sound and look realy cool :3 in tranzit to get it to work, you need to put a turbine at a green plate with a white lightning bolt on it, which is located at the power room. if you do this, the door at the bank vault that has the same plate on it, will open up and lead to a corridor where you can construct and use the PaP. so far, it looks like every gun can be PaP’d several times, with the exceptions being wall weapons, the ray gun, and the PaP 1911. PaP’ing more times will only cost you an aditional 2000 instead of 5000 points, with a good reason. you get new ammo and a new attachment, but the amount of ammo that you ca n carry will be far less, every time that you PaP the gun, untill you reach 0, which renders the entire weapon useless. ( tip: the PaP’d 1911 is alot of fun to use ( and a bit dangerous to use due to a big splash damage range) , but in tranzit it is kind of a pain in the ass to hold on to it, all the way to the point where you can PaP it. if you want to try it out i’d suggest going into town survival where the PaP is available immediatly at the start of the match. )

    wall weapons can be found almost everywhere, with the town and most of the bus routes being the exceptions. Locations in tranzit:
    Bus station: M14 assault rifle 500 points, Olympia shotgun 500 points.
    Bus roof: 3 burst pistol 1000 points
    Tunnel connecting bus station and diner: M16 assault rifle 1200 points
    Diner: MP5 1200 points, galva knuckles on the diner roof 6000 points, a part that can be mounted on the bus is needed to reach the galva knuckles. 6000 seems like alot, but it is a OHK on zombies up untill and including round 13, and will always 2-hit denizens off of your head, and can be used to 2-hit the electric boss zombie aswell. When a zombie that is on fire is killed with galva knuckles, it will not explode.
    farm: R870 shotgun 1500 points.
    on the wall of the shack that leads to the power: ak74u 1200 points
    cabin on the right side of the road between the power and town: bowie knife for 3000 points. 3-hits denizens off of your head and is a OHK to zombies up to and inlcuding round 9.
    Town: nada, no wall weapons. you can only find weapons here if the mystery box happens to be here after it has moved.

    Drops: there are several random drops that can be gained from zombies:
    1: max ammo. prob the most favourited drop. completely replenishes all your ammo, uncluding grenades and tactical grenades.
    2: double points. does what it says, it doubles your points.
    3: carpenter: repairs all windows, completely boards them up.
    4: Nuke: kills all zombies that are currently in the map. in BO2 zombies it has been seriously nerved. where in previous games it would almost instantaniously kill all the zombies, in BO2 there tends to be a relatively large delay, in which the zombies can still hit and kill you.

    There are several special features in tranzit. The first one being a refridgerator in the house located in the farm. this can be used to store almsot any weapon. i know the ray gun cannot be stored because i tried this, and my assumption is that nor the 1911 or wall weapons can be stored, i haven’t tried this out yet myself. Anyway a stored weapon can be taken out later on in the same game should you want to do that, but it is mainly used to store a powerfull weapon, which can then be obtained from the refridgerator in a different game. that way you can have a powerfull PaP weapon in a low round really easy, without having to go through all the steps to build the PaP machine.

    the second feature being the fact that you can store cash in the bank. you can store cash per 1000 points, and you will be able to retrieve 900 of those points, just like with the refridgerator, anywhere later in the same game, OR in a different game. so by the time you get to town and even if it is only round 4 or 5, you could go to the bank and take out 25k cash or so if you’d like. i don’t know if there is a limit on how much cash you can store in the bank, but i assume it lies at 50k.

    the third feature being the fact that you can transfer over money to other players if they are in need of cash while you have cash to spare. you need to hit a small drawer with labelled keys, with galvaknuckles. this drawer is located in a desk in the first room of the bank. if you put in 1000 points, a drop will pop up on the other side of the desk and another player can pick that up for 1000 points.

    the fourth special feature isn’t exactly usefull, but can provide alot of fun. ever since the ascenscion map on BO, treyarch has been putting in easter egg storylines which will provide you with a trophy for doing them, and mostly will give you additional features. in tranzit, a tower will generate a randomizing drop, every couple of minutes. it is kind of a dangerous place to stay in higher rounds though. in tranzit you can follow a ‘good’ and ‘evil’ storyline. doesn’t matter which one you follow because you can do both, and they will reset at random. you need atleast 2 people to complete this, but more is advised.

    and last but not least: crawlers/final zombies. back in BO and WaW, people used to blow off a zombie’s legs which would mostly make it into a slow crawler, so that everyone could do their business of buying perks/ammo/weapons/ or PaP. In tranzit this has been made a bit more difficult because if you carelessly run into the fog with a crawler staying behind, once you got out too far away from it, it will despawn and end the round, leaving you with denizens on your head and zombies spawning around you. not a good combo. instead to make the rounds last longer, you must leave one fast zombie that chases you ( starting at round 4, the final zombie will always be a runner ), so that you can still quite easily run from location to location through the fog. You always need to make sure that you do not run too far ahead of the running zombie, because it will still despawn if you run ahead too much.

    one final word of advise: if a teammember goes down, but there are too many zombies around him/her, it is sometimes better to save yourself, make it to the next round and make them respawn. there is no use in both of you going down and loosing your perks and ending the match.

    that’s it for now, think i’ve given you quite a story to read through so far. should you want to know more about a particular subject or was something unclear, then please send me a msg.



    • woah , fantastic. I will read and reread this . I need some decent tips on where to go and what to do. I won’t be playing normal Black ops for a while , the signal is p1ssing me off for now. So this is good stuff! Merry Christmas!

  3. i was kind of amazed by the fact that we had no problems playing zeds together. your signal was at like 1 bar so i expected alot of difficulties due to that. also in the drops section something that i forgot to include is the insta-kill drop. with whatever weapon you use, you will OHK zombz. when getting an insta-kill in early rounds it’s advised to go and knife zombies, since this will render twice as much points as compared to when you would should them. when you do not have juggernog yet you still need to be cautios with the knifing though. even with juggernog it can be very dangerous to knife into a group of zombies. some maps in BO featured boss zombies, on which insta-kill would not work. i think the same goes for the electric zombie boss in tranzit, which shouldn’t really be a prob if you have the galva knuckles, like i said before 2 hits and he’s gone. now we’re on the topic of that boss anyway:

    The electric zombie boss in tranzit, named the avagadro by many due to leaked information on BO2 trophy names ( said trophy now does not unclude the name ‘avagadro’ anymore, but simply ‘him’ ), will randomly spawn in at the very end or very beginning of a round but only after you have turned the power on ( when the power is slowly turning on, the avagadro can be seen in the device and he will be released from it ). The avagadro is a key component in completing the easter egg on tranzit, but apart from that there do not seem to be other uses for it. it can be quite dangerous if you happen to be on the bus and the avagadro attacks the bus, since it can grind the bus to a halt, leaving you fulnerable to whatever zombies were chasing the bus.

    my personal starting strategy on tranzit does not differ alot in solo then it does in multiplayer. in solo, buy the quick revive perk, it only costs 500 points, and wether you use that first one to get back up on your feet after an early-on screw-up, or after getting stuck in a later round, it does not really hurt. apart from the fact that it takes up 1 of the possible 4 perk slots that you have ( there are ways of having more then 4 perks, but in tranzit these techniques are more often then not really worth the time imo )

    when still in the bus station, shoot each zombie in the chest 6 times, and then knife it, because 1 bullet more, and you will normally kill a zombie for which you get 60 points and another 10 for the 7th bullet that hit, but when you knife a zombie you get a nice 130 points. if you manage to get 2 or 3 zombies lined up, that’s perfect. just pop 6 bullets in the first one, and the bullets will hit the other 2 behind it aswell, giving you a possible 30 points per bullet instead of 10 ( bullets go through a max of 3 zombies ). now the bus station starting area has 4 zombies already spawned in, this is the first map where they have done that. i myself just knife those without shooting bullets in them, because it’s not worth the time to round them up to get the max 30 points per bullet, in the meantime you’d rather spend that time on getting the turbine in working order.

    after the first round ends, use the turbine to escape the bus station and get on the bus. whenever you close the doors, the bus will soon depart. so even if you just arrived at a stop and you just simply open and close the doors, the bus driver will soon drive off to the next stop. i would advise against buying the pistol on the roof of the bus, because by the time that you reach the diner, you will most likely still be in round 2, or just at the beginning of round 3. zombies are still not running and not having bought the roof pistol, you can just open up the door to the mystery box and havea go at it. this ofcourse leaves you with the risk of getting a shitty weapon like an RPG, so if you feel more comfortable buying the roof pistol first, by all means do that, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem in early rounds.

    when the bus departs again to head to the farm, it’s better to get on because running from the diner to the farm without juggernog is quite risky due to that big patch of lava. if you only managed to get shitty weapons like launchers or shotguns ( shotguns are powerfull, but do not penetrate through multiple zombies, leaving you with alot less points as compared to what you would get by shooting them with bullets. especially in early rounds, this might leave you with a shortage in points) you might want to keep the zombies off with those weapons untill you got a 1000 points to buy the roof pistol anyway, because all in all, it’s not a bad weapon, or if you think you can last all the way to the power plant, you can buy the ak74u there for 1200 points.

    apart from double tap being located at the farm, and possible a bus part ( i will go over this later ) there is not alot of usefull things to find at the farm. the R870 can be found and bought for 1500 points as previously managed, but apart from that the only thing you can do there is build a turret. i haven’t tried it out yet, but i don’t expect it to be very powerfull. The only other thing farm can be good for, is running circle strategies. just running around the zombies, evading the ones that have newly spawned, rounding them up in a big group and then kill em all. there are several locations on the map where you can do this, which make getting to higher rounds considerably easyer because the risk of getting stuck on something is usually alot smaller.

    next stop: power room. open the shack up for 750, drop down and find and add the following 3 objects to turn on the power: a hand, a lever and the body of the power switch. once build the power can be turned on and in tranzit, it can also be turned off. the only reason that you would want to turn the power off is when you want to do one side of the easter egg, where the power has to be off. otherwise, leave it on. having no power means that whatever perk you bought, does not work anymore untill the power is turned on again.

    final stop in this circle: town. best thing to do is run out of the bus, open up the doors to the bank, run back outside and if you have the necesary 2500+750 points to both open up the door to juggernog and buy it, do that. if not, try to circle around town a bit while shooting off incoming zeds to accumulate the necesary points. at this stage you are pretty much ready to find a spot to walk around and kill zeds untill they finally manage to get you. if you still don’t have a decent weapon at this point, you might want to take the bus and go to whatever location the mystery box is at ( if you immediatly took the bus when it left the diner the first time, i highly doubt that you managed to use the box enough times to make it disappear. like i sayd in the previous post the amount of uses you have on it seems to be random, but it also seems to have a minimum and maximum amount of uses, where this random number lies in between )

    that’s for the starting strategy, now for constructables:

    NOTE: only ONE part can be carried at any given time. if you pick up a part while already carying one, you will drop the one you were previously carrying and htis goes not only for bus parts, but for ALL of the constructables. also when downed, you will drop whatever part you were carrying, on the location of death.

    there are a couple of em, i shall start with the bus first. the bus is not really constructable, but you can find add-ons for it:locations ( i will sort of vaguely describe them, as i think it will be easyer to show you the places where they can be when we get in an online match again ): there are 4 locations in total, with 3 parts. every game the placement of the parts is random, which also means that the location of the one empty location, will be random. the first location is when you open up the first door with a turbine in the bus station. 2nd location is in a hut on the edge of the part where the diner is, also requires a turbine. 3rd location, a hut in the midle back of farm, also requires a turbine and the last location is in a small room in the back of town which also, requires a turbine. you can get a grid to place in the front of the bus. a ladder to place on the side of the bus so that you can climb ontop of it from outside the bus, or a hatch which allows you to get ontop of the bus from insdie the bus. this hatch can only be used once, and it has 2 places where it can be used. the first one being on the bus, and the 2nd one is to get on top of the roof of the diner, where you can purchase the galvaknuckles.

    now for the constructable objects:

    NOTE: you can only carry one constructable at a time. if you pick up a new one, you will drop the previous one. the turbine will also drop, should you pick up another constructable. i will not go over the turbine nor the power switch, as you already know about these haha. also you will drop an equiped constructable if you get downed if i am not mistaken.

    Also after reading through all this and you can’t wait to have a better understanding of all the locations, just search for some vids on youtube, they will most likely give a more clearer picture.

    Location: Diner, Object: Zombie shield. In the garage, which is opened up with opening the door to the mystery box, you can find a car door, which you need to place at the workbench located behind the mystery box. in the diner itself you can find a cart which you also need to add to the workbench. having found both of those parts, you will complete the zombie shield. it can be activated by pressing up on the D-pad and with it you can literally launch zombies to their death just by bashing them. note however, that you do not gain points for this. when carrying the zombie shield on your back, which is when you do not have it in use, it can actually block zombie attacks that come from behind, just like in mp an assault shield that is carried on the back, can deflect bullets.

    Location: Farm, Object: Turret. for this you need to open up the house that is on the property of the farm, which i think costs 750 points. inside the house you will find a workbench to construct the parts on. the lawn mower can be found just outside of the house, it should be quite close. inside the house you can find an ammo bag and a MG turret ( the MG turret can sometimes be found in the ‘silo’ on the left of the farm property ). construct these all on the workbench and you got yourself a turret. no idea how usefull this thing is, haven’t ever actually used it myself.

    Location: Power room, Object: Electric trap. all the parts for this object can be found in the hosue you get to immediatly after the room where you turn on the power. you must find a battery, something what seems to be an old tv-screen, and a metal plate with some metal structures on it. the workbench can be found in this same room. the electric trap does not seem to be particularly usefull, since it seems like it only kills one zombie, and it has to be powered by a turbine at the same time, there are no current uses for it in the easter egg either.

    Location: Town(workbench), rest of the map ( various parts), Object: Jet gun. yep, a jet gun. suck in zombies in the front, shoot out the debris in the back. limited use, it can only suck up so much before you need to let it cool down. if you do not stop using it in time, the jet gun will break down and you will need to carry the parts back to the workbench and construct it all over again. some parts might also teleport back to their orignal location, being an extra pain in the ass.

    for the yet gun, 4 parts are required and all need to be taken back to the workbench located in the bar in town ( beside the stamin-up perk machine ). first part: the handle. located in the house from the very first zombie map: nacht der untoten, which is located in a wheat field between farm and the powerplant. i suggest that you look up a vid on finding it, or wait till we can go there together. 2nd part: wires. can be found in the same room where you can construct the electric trap. 3rd part: jet engine. can be found in the tunnel that goes from the bus station to the diner. 4th part: some presure gage thing. it can be found in the shack on the route from the power room to the town, the same shack where the bowie knife can be found.

    that was all again for now, quite the text again, hope you enjoy readin haha.



  4. thanks for the tips ghost.i dont have online right now so i play with my dad or frends in blops2 zombies.i actually know a easteregg in black ops 2 tranzit.there are 3 pieces 1st 1 is a wood plank in the underground tunnel by the m16.2nd is also in the tunnel aswell it is a sort of jet engine in the corner.3rd is a cable located in the room with all the lava in it(after u have unlocked the white room to turn on the power.)the 4th one (sry for sayin 3 pieces!)is located in a secret path in the corn feild in a place that looks like nacht der untoten in waw zombies.once u have all the pieces go to the bar in the last bus stop and there should be a place to assemble the should be like a thunder gun.also ghost if i do get psn ill remember to add u!

    • you’re almsot right, but those parts are not an easter egg themselves. you need 4 parts to build what is called the jet engine, all explained in my 2nd humongous post on this subject. the jet engine intself can be used in strategies to reach high rounds ( though this will take quite a while because of the fact that it has to cool down when you use it ) but the jet engine is also said to be part of the real easter egg in tranzit. so far it’s not yet certain wether the entire easter egg has been figured out or not, but people believe that there is still more to it ( someone from treyarch actually tweeted that there was more ). as explained in that 2nd post, the planks are not part of the jet engine, the planks are part of a table that you need to construct under a pylon in the corn field across from the corn field where you find nacht der untoten ( yes it actually is nacht der untoten ) so far i have not constructed this myself since i haven’t been trying to do the easter egg, because it does take some time. anyway that’s also the reason that i didn’t bother with posting on how to build that table. plus an easy way to find out what you need to do, is search for ‘black ops 2 tranzit easter egg’ and you should find all the necesary info. if i remember correctly the ‘videogames’ channel on youtube has quite a nice summary of one of the 2 possible sides that there are to the story.

      hope this helps,



  5. Great reading ghost. I will read it again tonight. Lots of stuff to take in. CHeers!

  6. thx for tellin me any chance do u know if there r any easter eggs???also do u know how to unlok the power house for just playin multyplayer and not tranzit?thanks a bunch,eli

    • I will pass on the info to Ghost.

    • ok it’s not entirely clear to me what you’re asking, but i’ll explain the possible scenario’s.

      first off, yes there is one easter egg in tranzit. it actually follows 2 story lines and if you finish one, you can do the other if you would like that. you can listen to and help Dr. Maxis or you can help Richtofen. if you have completed both, the one you completed first will soon reset. like i stated before, there are still people that are going over the easter egg, because it’s not sure wether it is finished or not. alot of people think that the easter egg is still not finished, because compared to the easter egg’s on moon and shangri-la back in BO, this one seems to be a bit short so far. again i’m not someone that hunts for these things, i don’t have the time to do that, but alot of youtubers do. so if you’d like to know how to complete the easter egg on tranzit, i’d advice looking it up on youtube.

      now with the question about the power i can go 2 ways of interpreting your sentince, ‘just playing multiplayer and not tranzit’.

      1 playing multiplayer solo tranzit: turning on the power in the tranzit mode requires you do the exact same things, but keep in mind that to get the PaP to work, you must place down the turbine at the mark in the power plant, and then run back to town where you need to frag the bank vault, and then frag the 2nd vault door found in the hall behind that so that you can acces the place where you can construct and use the PaP machine.

      2 playing multiplayer solo survival: 3 possible maps: bus station, town and farm. you cannot turn the power on in these maps, they all have different drawbacks to them which are listed there aswell ( for instance no PaP/no perks/no box etc ). the reason being, is that if the survival map contains perks, you can buy them without having to turn on the power, it’s on by default.

      hope this helped.



  7. ok,so do u know what the easter egg is???also what i meant by “unloking the powerhouse”is when u go to the globe and it lets u choose whether the farm the bus stop or the town;but they do not give u the option to choose the powerhouse at the bottom part of it.that was my origanal question.thx,eli

    • aha. well the one you see at the bottom part of the map is actually the diner. the power plant is located to the right and a bit up of town and above the farm. the reason why you cannot play those is simple: you just can’t. treyarch hasn’t made the diner and the power plant available for survival.

      in the easter egg you will either follow maxis his lead or richtofen. when you complete the easter egg you will get the tower of babble trophy/achievement. like mentioend previously i haven’t memorised all the steps myself, but i have a link tp a vid for one side of the story ( the part where you listen to dr maxis), right here:

      that vid is a summary of what you have to do for one part. it does not matter wether you follow richtofen or maxis, either one will give you the trophy/achievement. there are no additional benefits if you have done both.

  8. ok so all u do is listen to either dr.maxiss voice or richtofens?and u just get an acheivment???also is there a certain spot that u have to be in to here the voices?thx,eli

    • man please, click the video link i posted in my previous post and that explains a part of it. i am not going to explain the entire easter egg here, one reason being that i do not know all the steps myself all that well yet.



  9. ok heres the internet is a erizon hotspt and it is about to run out so i cant be watchin ur easter egg vid ok?i guess ill have to find the easter egg on my own.thx,eli

  10. also if u do find any other easter eggs u can email me my username is thx,eli

  11. i see u dont wanna comment or your just real mad

    • lol, he is quite helpful really. The truth of it is as he said some of the stuff mentioned he hasn’t done yet through lack of time. The Easter egg stuff takes up a lot of time and Ghost is at Uni right now so doesn’t always have time to reply.

    • like richard said. i just didn’t see your comments yet, i’m not mad. i just don’t have the time to go through the EE myself lately so i cannot really explain the whole thing here either.

  12. Hey Eli I will endeavor to find the Easter Egg stuff on the net and I will post it here. To Ghost : sorry about the signal and timing the other day. Next time I will make sure we have more time, as for the signal maybe you can host given I am closer to Holland than Northern Ireland ( where Chrisakacloud is from). Trouble is I am like 7 hours ahead so it’s hard to find a decent time, not to mention the signal can be rough.

    • that’s alright, not your fault that the connection isn’t the best. it was kind of dodgy to play zombies that time, i really had like a 1-2 second delay on EVERYTHING! knifing, bullets hitting zombies, reloading, everything was on delay haha. well i am on GMT+1, and it seems like taiwan is in +8, so 7 hours ahead seems to be right. Don’t know at which times you usually have time to game, but in weekends i usually get up at like 5-7 pm your time.

  13. oh ok i thought tawain waz the same time as washington.well im sry for buggin u lol thanks a bunch for all the tips.once i get psn ill definetly add u!

  14. wait so r u the 1 that drinks taiwan vodka and all that?becuz ghost said he was the 1 that drank taiwan vodka or scotch whatever 1 is better (i dont know cuz im only 13)

    • wait what? i never sayd that i drink taiwan vodka or scotch ._. i don’t even drink any alcoholic drinks atall.

  15. lol, ghost isnt that into beer. I drink Taiwan beer! Merry Christmas!

  16. Richard Murfin – Lives In Taiwan – Likes beer
    Ghost of Sparta – Lives in Holland – Doesn’t like beer . lol
    It is my Blog but Ghost pops on now and again for advice and such.

  17. I do accept as true with all the concepts you have offered in your post.
    They’re really convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too brief for beginners. May just you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

  18. ok.i bbet u OR ghost know how to make the pack a punch machine becuz i did not see that in ur whole paragraph of useful ill tell u how to do it.after u have turned on the power go to the last stop;go to the vault in the bank and throw a grenade at it(semtix is better tho and is found at the the other side of the town)and it will blow up the this part is good if u have 3 other ppl with u playin.go to the door and put ur turbine down along with ur other frends and it should open.all the parts r located in there.THERE!I BET U DIDNT KNOW THAT MR.RICHARDPMURFIN!

  19. the first part of that sentence i meant to put a dont in there sry.there is 1 more thing i think u dont know(tell me if im wrong).at the bus station once u get out be with 3 other ppl and go to the left of the bus and all put a turbine down and a portle should pop up that leads u to the town.

  20. am i the only one besides ghost thathas commented on here?well i will try to find u more info about that kinda stuff.

  21. oh ya and andrewforsth,SHUT UP!my sentences r just fine and i am not a beginner ok?i have been playin call of duty since i waz 4 so i think u should BACK OFF! jus jokin with u but seriousely im not a this prolonged enough for u?if not tell me.

  22. I appreciate your input. I will take your pack-a-punch info and give it a try. As for your language don’t worry about it. The blog is here for all to participate. I don’t care if people make a mistake or two, indeed it isn’t a spelling bee! Good stuff again , and thanks for your input.

  23. ya no problem.

  24. also 1 more thing,i just got psn(playstation network)and i wanna know ur online name so i can add u.thx,eli

  25. my online name is neon biscuit if u were wondering.

  26. ok last thing my i found one more sort of glitch.the part that u use to put inside the bus that enables u to climb up on the top can be used for somthing else.if do not add it to the bus go inside the diner at the 2nd stop and add it to the roof sorta where the galveknuckels r and it should let u go on top of the diner!i havnt actually done it myself but i think it works.

  27. ok thanks ill add u when i get around to it.also did the pack a punch thing work out for u?

    • eli
      Your explanation of opening the pack a punch is almost correct. To open the pack a punch you must first turn on the power. Next you must place your turbine down by the door with the white lightning bolt symbol on it at the power station. To get to this door drop down through the shack at the power station and do a 180Β° turn. after you have done this you must either get on the bus to go to town or run to the town and go into the bank. then you must use an explosive to blow up the first and second vault doors. after you have blown up the second volt door you should be able to walk through it take a right and go down the stairs then find the three parts needed for the Packer punch machine

      • But if you do go up the stairs and leave the stair well the door will close. The door will only not close if there is a player or zombie still in the pack a punch area, or if there is still a turbine running at the door with The white lightning bolt symbol at the power station bus stop.

        Hope that this helps πŸ˜‰


      • P.S.

        I play on XBOX 360.
        If you have an XBOX 360 and want to add me, my gamertag (DON’T JUDGE) is STR8 UP WITE. originally it was made for a clan. My friends list is sometimes full, so if it says that it is full then just send me a message including your name, gamertag., and how you know me/my gameplay. (ex. being this website).

  28. Good stuff guys. As for the pack a punch. Whenever I play zombies I am too drunk to do well. For me it is a drinking game. I did play with Ghost over Christmas with another friend and we were doing well until Ghost had to go for his dinner lol. Me and the other guy don’t have enough knowledge of the game to do well after he left. I will endeavor to learn how to do this and attempt it soon tho.

  29. ok.brendon thanks for correcting me on the pack a punch ive been wanting to do the pak a punch for so long i jus saw sum guy do it on youtube but he wasnt specific on the power house part.anyway for the xbox part of things i have ps3 but u can add my frend johnnytinman,yes i know its the gayest name u heard but hes pretty good at blops 2.also if u get a ps3 and have psn my gamertag is neon biscuit,i know best name ever right?!jk but viceversa if i get xboxlive ill try to add u if i can remember lol,eli

  30. Sorry Braedan I am PS3. The bit in the bank always vexed me. I can blow up the first doors but not the second. Guess I need to get on youtube also. The trouble is normally when I am playing zombies , It is late and I have a drink and dont try so hard, ironic as by then the game is difficult and getting killed is easy. This weekend I will look into it.

  31. mhmm, i am pretty sure that i did in fact tell how to construct the PaP, atleast how to get to it. the parts itself can easily be found in the hallway where you need to construct the PaP. i am also pretty sure that i mentioned that the part that you can put on the bus can also be put on the diner, which is not a glitch. you must make a choise to either a) put it on the bus so you can acces it’s roof from the inside, or b) mount it in the inder to get on the roof to purchase galva knuckles. i always go for galva knuckles. if i hadn’t mentioned this before, then that’s my bad, i thought i covered those things. in me defence, it’s hard to remember every single detail that you want to talk about, if you’re doing it from the top of your head πŸ˜›

    update: first of my large posts i note that the PaP can be found by placing down a turbine in the correct location, however i forgot to note that you need to blow out the initial bank vault and second vault before you can actually acces the hallway to construct and use the PaP. i thought that it was obvious that the parts would be there, but i tend to forget that not everyone knows as much as me so i sometimes accidentaly throw certain matters out of the window, so sorry for that >_>

    in the same first large post, i noted that the galva knuckles on the diner roof can be reached by mounting a bus part onto the diner instead.

    in other words i never forgot either of those things, however i agree that the descriptions could’ve been a bit more clearer at the time. i feel like in my second large post i adressed more attention to details.

    also, eli, i don’t think that your thing to make a teleporter at the bus station worked because 4 people put down a turbine. i have never seen or heard before of activating the teleporters like this. to keep this a bit more clean, i will do a small explanation of the teleporters in another post.



  32. okay, so, teleporters, there are a total of 8 locations of which i think 2 can be found out of the fog ( diner and bus station ) and the other 6 can be found out of the fog on the various routes that you can walk or take the bus to.

    The things that you will be looking for are lamp posts that have a distinctive green light. initially you cannot do anything with these. you need to be in the fog and get one of the denizens creatures to rip your face apart. then you need to walk towards the lamp post, do not kill the denizen by knifing it or getting it shot by a friend ( it won’t spawn a teleporter that way ), and as soon as you reach the lamp post, the denizen will get off of your head and dig a hole into the ground under the lamp post, which will spawn a teleporter, good for one use and then you need to re-activate it by getting another denizen to dig a hole under it.

    To use the teleporter, you cannot simply run over it, you actually need to jump into it. the teleporter will then take you to one of the 7 other lamp post locations. The first time you do this you will actually get a trophy or achievement, which i believe is called something in the range of ‘fuel efficient’.

    It seems that when you stand under a lamp post, denizens will not come for you. you actually need to step away a bit to lure one out.

    Also as we’re on the topic of possible time-saving methods, when running from diner to farm if you stick to the left side of the path, once you reach a fence with a broken down vehicle, turn left at that fence and follow the road. it will lead you straight into town, great shortcut. when travelling from farm to diner it’s the same thing, but ofcourse stay right of the road.



    • Good stuff ghost. Since rorty on the topic just in case you didn’t know after You killed the electric zombie a.k.a. “Him” under the Tower of Babble you must go around to all the lampposts with the green light and make the teleporters at all eight of them without going through any of them in order to completely kill “Him” and have “Him” never come back again. Until your next game that is.

      Hope this helps you get rid of that annoying boss zombie.


      P.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes and/or any bad grammar. I am posting all of this from my cell phone. If you aren’t sure what the word is you can just guess. You shouldn’t have to ask, but if you really need to, I’ll be happy to help you.

      • i haven’t heard of the technique yet where you must activate all lamp post portals to get rid of the avagadro ( original name of “him” when trophy lists were leaked ). mostly by the time that i have to deal with him when running solo, i already have the galva knuckles, which gets rid of him in 2 punches, and in mp he mostly becomes someone else’s problem which is mostly just funny, am i right, richard? xD

  33. well ghost just have to get in a mach with a buncha guys that know what there doing meaning they know all the parts and all the glitches.i was lucky and i got into a match with some guys like that and i went inside the portal and ended up close to the town sum where inn the fog.

  34. i sent u a frend request on ganz77 richirdpmurfin

  35. Okay , thanks eli!

  36. there is one glitch my frend told me but it is ery difficult and best with 4 ppl playing.what you have to do is get every pack a punched dual weild five sevens.once everyone has that go to the cornfield(in the bus)and hae everyone shoot .what it should do is direct the bus to a different path but im not realy shure because my freind told me this.if it does work plz tell me thz,eli

  37. in fact i almost doubt it works.

  38. i actually do hae one the zombies does it have mule kick(the 1 that lets u have 3 weapons)?i was just wondering becuase they have that in the first black ops .thx,eli

    • no mule kick in BO 2 so far. just the perks mentioned before.

      • Mulekick is available in bo2, but only in nuketown. Even then it still very rarely will drop in nuketown.

        As for the Avagadro (a.k.a. him) you must do the Easter egg to kill him. He will come back in a randomly determined amount of round from 15 – 50. To permanently kill him you must activate all 8 of the green lampposts teleporters without going throughs any of them. This is because they must all be active at the same time. If this is done correctly the Avatars (a.k.a. him) will not come back until your next game.

        And Eli, tour friend is just trying to get attention. There is currently no way to get the bus onto another route.

        However, on YouTube there is a video with the coding for bo2 zombies tranzit, that almost guarantees that there is another bus. A section in the coding says “navcard accepted” then directly below that it says something about “bus 2 start up ignition confirmed. Start up successful”.
        So far this is the only lease we have as to the Easter egg continuation, and 2nd bus confirmation.

        Not only that but there is a new possible gamemode called “race” that is believed to be an 8 player gamemode where you must race to get the ultimate weapon by obtaining the correct navcards from different locations to give to the driver of your bus. There are supposed to be 2 buses in this gamemode. So far that’s all I know and all everyone else knows.

  39. very usefull info, don’t have nuketown zombies so i didn’t know that it is possible to get mulekick in that map, nice to know though. haven’t looked into any new things for the upcoming DLC yet, i know that there will be one new game mode which will let you be a zombie, tbh i think that game mode will die off rather quick.

  40. ok thanks u both.i will inform u if i find any WORKING glitches.thx,eli

    • to find working glitches you should search for them on google yourself, there’s enough invincibility glitches out there already. i refuse to use any of them, no fun in that and it’s unfair. my guess is that most of them are still active aswell since treyarch hasn’t been actively patching BO 2 both mp and zombies wise.

  41. nah i have seen just about all the important glitches on youtube and sites like that.although,i have heard about the upcoming ‘die rise” that treyarch is making that there are some glitches and easter eggs in that part of things.hope this helps,eli

  42. also by any chance do u have plastation network ghost?if so telll me ur gamertag and ill try to add u.thx,eli

  43. mind commenting on that?

  44. could u please comment on that?

  45. wow u must be really mad huh?

  46. If he hasn’t responded it means he must be busy that’s all πŸ˜‰ . As for the new smg , I think there are too many OP smg’s in Black ops already heheh. I havent played BOPS for a while now, I am back into skyrim at this moment πŸ™‚

    • mhmm… skyrim… i’ve semi-lost the interest to play BO2 today, i had many hours the time to play it but i just didn’t feel like it. having managed to get the nuclear title a couple days ago and reaching prestige master, really the only thing that i can do is go on a hunt for all diamond camo’s. going back to skyrim might not be a bad idea. one exam left though, so this weekend is reserved for learning anyway.

      • I played cod4 for so long. Mw2 the same. Call of duty can’t keep me addicted as much any more. Skyrim is good because I can play it at my own pace and whenever I want.

  47. ya i like skyrim to.i dont if u were talking about the smg in the new map pack caled the”peacekeeper”but if u were ie heard it is suppost to be a pretty good gun.hope this helps

  48. 1: i’ve been sick quite alot, i don’t always check on everything in such periods. 2: nearing the end of my sick period, exams had started and again, checking on some things might slip my mind in such a period because my focus lies somewhere else, so that’s why i haven’t responded in the past days.

  49. well no i meant the y arent u responding part to ghost.also tell me if u get the new dlc pack for whenever it comes out for the ps3 and i will endeavor to find some tips about the die rise zombie map for u.hope this helps,eli

  50. whoops i thought that u were richard so u can forget that first part of my sentence…hope u feel better soon.

  51. yeah i’ve been better for about a week now. and i must say that i’m not sure wether i’ll get the map pack tbh. if i do it will prob just be for Die Rise. the mp maps look really cool aswell, but i’m already prestige master, so. concerning the Die Rise easter egg, i already know all the details on how to compleet it, since players on xbox 360 already figured it out. it cannot be done with less then 4 people. in tranzit they have proven that you can compleet it with 2 people, but it looks like that’s not an option in die rise.

  52. ok so,what is the easter egg or glitch?
    also concerning the map pack or dlc can u just get the “die rise”and not the mp maps for a lower price???thanks,eli

    • in die rise there are again sides to the easter egg of both richtofen and maxis, which is about activating yet another tower ( like in tranzit, you had to active the radio tower in the corn field, in die rise there is another radio tower that you must activate ) it would be alot easier for both you and me if you search for the NGTzombies channel on youtube, they have compilation vids of the steps for both the richtofen and maxis side, they’ll be able to explain it alot clearer to you then i can.

      No, the revolution DLC is a combination of the Die Rise zombie map, the 4 multiplayer maps and the peacekeeper SMG for multiplayer, you cannot purchase Die Rise on the side unfortunately.

  53. ok thanks

  54. ok i guess ill listen to u and look up ngtzombies.also do u have psn?if so what is ur name so i can add u.also i dont know if u know this glitch but i was playing online and there was this guy with me on town that had 6 perks regurely u just have 4 .i asked him how he did it and said that u have to get tombstone and perposely kill ur self and right as the round begins(after u died)go get ur tombstone and hurry and get all the not shure if it works becuz right after he said that i was disconnected due to lag.i think his name is kamikazzebio if u want to add him he is a BOSS at town.hope this helps,eli

  55. in fact he is better than syndicate at least that is what i thnk we got all the way to round 20 until i started sorry i didnt tell u alll this crap earlier,eli

  56. All, good info. I might have to get back into zombies myself. Trouble is I haven’t got ELITE so no dlc. I don’t to buy the maps either. I would only want the zombies.

  57. at this point in time i don’t think i’ll be getting the BO 2 DLC. i just don’t play zombies in BO 2 as much as i did in BO, so there really is no point. i’ve gotten to Master prestige in MP a few weeks ago, and got the nuclear title ( which i all lost for a couple of days, game had auto-reset my stats haha, got sort of fixed though ). and yes i do know about the 6 perks thing in tranzit. tombstone does not allow you to be revived, but it drops all your perks and weapons for you to pick up, for a limited amount of time. so get tombstone and the 3 perks that you CANNOT buy in town, get downed, get your friends to start the next round, buy all the perks in town asap, and then go and hurry to your tombstone drop and you’ll have all perks. obviously syndicate is not necesarily the best zombie player, but you cannot jump to conclusions by playing with someone for one match. i remember back in BO i was on kino der toten with some randoms, and they thought i completely kicked ass at it, while it was all just really basic stuff.

  58. It is actually a nice and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Hey guys its eli again lol.I recently have gotten the new mob of the dead zombies and i have had multiple freinds who have already gotten easter eggs and acheivments .i am sry i havnt been keeping in touch with u guys but i will try to find some easter eggs to pass on to u guys. also richard if u get a chance u and me should play some zombies if were on at the same time.

  60. yah im on ps3 im neonbiscuit i think im freinds with u on ur ganz account.if u have mob of the dead me and u should get on some time ive gotten to rly high rounds with alot of my freinds and have gotten things like the hells retriever and the blundergat and stuff like that. if ur ever online u can msg me if im still on lol and ill definetly play with u! -eli

  61. this has nothing to do with zombies whatsoever but i have been to taiwan and i enjoyed the little time i had therewich was in the air port on the way to vietnam to visit my grandpa and grandma.

  62. lol when i was in vietnam i had stuff like frog eel wich was very good.i also think i had dog to that taste like beef.

  63. lol just about everything in asia taste like chicken….realy hard chicken.
    now onto what ur site is all about.i dont know if u know about this but theres a sort of easter egg in mob of the dead where once u get to the golden gate bridge that u can kill weasil and the game ends saying that the cycle is over were as if weasil kills u it says somethin that i forgot lol.its not quite an easter egg since they give u an acheivmant called “pop goes the weasil”. but u can just look it up on youtube it explains it btr then i do.ive also heard that there may be an alternate plane route but im nt shure.hope this helps -eli

  64. Hehehe. Yeh most of it tastes like chicken. You should try the yakitori style chicken in Taiwan/Japan …amazing. I actually don’t have any of the DLC tbh. I don’t play BOPS multiplayer and figured it wasn’t good value to buy the DLC just for one zombie map heheh.

  65. yah i no what u mean but the zombie map is really the only reason id get the dlc tho.other then that i rly dont have any tranzit easter eggs

  66. I wonder when the next DLC will come out. Tbh, as with the other DLC’s, I will not buy it, but I enjoy watching the EE hunting of youtube commentators. Also, I haven’t played zombies in months, nor have I really used my PS3 in the past few months. Friends that I used to play with pretty much went over to play on the PC and, now tht my laptop crashed a few weeks ago and that I have gotten a new friggin’ awesome PC, it’s quite likely that I will sell my PS3 and it’s games in the near future, since this PC is build around being able to game on max settings.

    • I dont know why they never released a tranzit 2 map. Seem strange as the first one was amazing. I will keep my PS3 but will probably buy a ps4 by the end of the year….so will use the ps3 less.

    • You were amazing at zombies ghost. You made me and Chris look like proper amateurs hehehe.

      • Haha, I always seemed to have a knack for killing zombies, didn’t take me a long time before getting the hang of it. I prob will play zombies again when Treyarch makes another cod, or if BO 2 were to be on sale on steam for like 66% off like borderlands 2 was ( which I did pick up of course, I mean it’s Borderlands 2). But ofcourse that’d be playing on PC. I’ll need to get used to playing shooters on the PC, at least I’ll have the advantage of map awareness x3 helps me a great deal in LoL as well. I’ll try to keep in touch a bit via this blog.

  67. PC gaming for me is so different. I get a pain in the back of my wrist. Hence why a pad is better for me. Borderlands 2 is a game I really want to get at some point also. Trouble is I bought New Vegas and have hardly touched it. I need to finish some of my older games. Yeh man keep in touch. Who knows , maybe we will play together on PS4!

    • Mhmm, not very likely that we will I’m afraid. Since I have this great computer now, I have no real reason to purchase a PS4 when it launches, apart from perhaps playing Playstation exclusive titles. Also, to make sure that the PC that I would build would not be some half-baked one, I had to invest pretty much all my money into it, so financially wise it would probably not be smart either to get a PS4 x3. A lot of my friends are making the same transition, or they have a console and a kickass PC, because they have the cash to do so.

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