Crap at Black ops 2 and loving it!

Yes, you heard me! I am not topping the killing charts. Not the last man in Search, and I am certainly not pulling in heavy streaks! My reformed love of cod has come with constraint and a composure that is all heavily self imposed. I can’t be staying up late till 4am trying to be the best. I can’t be putting in 7 days a week and going to bed feeling like a zombie anymore. I play it a bit then stop. I even put in quite a few hours on a Sunday if Jody isn’t in. But in the end I am not striving to be the best, just to have fun! It seems obvious to most gamers. But I get obsessed with games. Even skyrim was on my mind 24-7 last month( that is on the backburner for now) . So yes, moderation is the word of the month kids. Moderation.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 18, 2012.

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