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Okay let’s talk maps. Many cod games for me can be made or broken by the maps. I started my love of COD with modern warfare 1 ( cod4 ) . Little did I know that I’d be spoiled by the amazing selection of maps they offered . The maps in cod4 varied from larger open sniper maps to smaller hectic ones ( lest we forget shipment) . But the one abiding factor that kept me coming back was this feeling ‘ oh great its ****** map I’ll play one more game! ( apart from district but even then it wasn’t that bad) . Modern warfare then came out and I was a little confused at first but soon loved to like the maps for what they were. Some were HUGE open maps, others tight close ones. Maps that I should have hated being a none sniper , became potential nuke maps as I was able to skulk around with my silenced SCAR. This leads me to the enigma that is Black ops. I hated Black ops. God it was crap. It had crappy graphics. An awful frame rate. Terrible tinny sound and above all it just felt cheap. Yet it had the best maps of ANY cod game I have ever played. At least 90%o the maps were playable. The snowy ones especially. Even the crap maps were very good. I just couldn’t play them because I hated the game. After the debacle that was BOPS1, we had modern warfare 3. Initially I liked it. But after a few months the OP guns and killstreaks . The stupidly fast killing and rapid fire / akimbo combinations got me down. So in the end I gave up. Despite not even collecting the last 5 months DLC from Elite. So here we are at Black ops 2 . The newest of the lot. The one game I wanted to hate. Being an IW fan , I wanted to say  : ‘nope , Infinity ward games are more fluid and better’ . But , I am not sorry to say now. It is the the most enjoyable game since COD4 . It has the x factor back and really for me is the complete game…..The maps?  Oh yes…that’s why we are here . The maps unfortunately are just ok. Not great but not a disaster like the high walled. Boxed in , depressingly coloured , distinctly structured mw3 maps ( designed to please every punter but in fact pleasing no one. Gun on gun …..good one!!!) .

Anyway my point was to talk maps. Here is a quick rundown on the best maps of each game and a rating for the maps overall :



The pioneer of the COD online franchise. The maps were pure, fun and above all very accessible. The maps for Cod4 get 9/10 for me .

Star maps
Crash – Even tho it appeared again in mw2 it’s a cod 4 classic. Brilliant search and destroy level.

Overgrown – Ditto above. But NEVER has there been a more perfect map in cod.

Pipeline – Lovely. Indoor and outdoor action. Good lines of sight and good domination fun.

Modern Warfare 2

I guess beaten by cod4 simply because they were flawed in the sense that they were too big. I liked them for sure…but that said snipers were in heaven and that irked many run and gunners  8.4/10

Star maps
Favela – Pure joy. Favela had it all. Tight search games. Desperately fast games of domination. A real classic.

Highrise – Everyone’s favourite . Good for sniping , but also good for any game mode. Very linear but very fun.

Terminal – SO good it was brought back for free in mw3 . Nuff said.

Trailer park – Most hardcore fans wouldn’t agree. But I loved this map. Superb fun.
Black ops

See this is tricky as I hated the game but loved the maps. There were loads I liked 9.2/10

Star maps

Summit – Loved the flow of the map. Felt close yet there were enough options to go where you wanted. Good atmos.

WMD – ANY Black ops fan would disagree with me here. But I liked it. Had a good feel and was nice and open. Great for most game modes.

Array – Woops , I have done it again. Picked a snowy map that most hardcore BOPS fans don’t actually like. Yes to me the snowy bigger ones were the best.  This was a great map. It may have been big , but it had good scope for most game modes.
Modern Warfare 3

I don’t hate mw3. I just think given it was an extension of mw2 but not as good. I sort of ran out of steam with it. And given it was too easy to kill and killstreaks were OP. I sort of had to rely on the maps being good……..They weren’t. This meant I had to look past Hardhat  and Bakaara and Downturn and Lockdown and Interchange…Oh dear me have I just named half the maps. Anyway despite the afformentioned maps. They were in fact a couple of real classics .  6/10

Star maps

Fallen – Wonderful map. reminded me of Block from COD4 but with more scope for action in the middle. Great Sabo action and good search too.

Dome – I had to say Dome. Frantic , action packed and yet tactical if you were playing search.

Oasis – The first DLC map in mw3 I really liked. Good solid pathways and very good domination areas.

Black ops 2

So here we are at Black ops 2. I like it so much. It’s a great game. I just hope the maps grow on me.  So far 7.9/10

Star maps

Carrier – Reminiscent of a map from Fall of man. It has an open feel yet it also has a tactical feel to it. Also smacks of Countdown on cod4 …not a bad thing.

Standoff – Good fights in and around buildings. Great for HQ.

Yemen – Fantastic map. Great street warfare . Good sniping spots, but also counter sniping spots too. It also looks very cool.








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