Black ops 2 review / Blops 2 review / Early opinions bops2 / Black ops two review

Okay so this is my early opinion on what I think , bearing in mind I haven’t played much online because Black ops for ps3 3-500 k of people trying to get online….with 100k only allowed on by current servers…woops that’s a lot of angry customers! Verdict so far ( of that isn’t a contradiction ) :

* Graphics much better than BOPS 1 but still a lot worse than mw2-3. * Perks not OP indeed they are mild additions ( as they should be) Killstreaks seemingly not OP also ( again good) .

* Weapons li ke the mp7 aren’t lazers anymore and it seems to take longer to kill people ( although quicker than bops ) which again is an improvement. Guns seem more balanced ( so far 😉 )

* Loadouts have more options and ability to concentrate on one area or indeed balance the whole shape of your weapons and such. * Sounds are better than bops1 but nothing to write home about.

* Levels are much better than mw3. Yet a lot smaller than I expected. Granted I haven’t played them all. They do have some levels that intend to directly rip off levels that were popular in mw3 still like underground. mw3 did have some stand out levels like Fallen tho , so far Yemen is the best one I have seen . But there aren’t any large open levels like village which were good for larger objective game modes. Again tho I reserve judgment here as I haven’t seen them all. I hated bops1 but I actually loved some of the maps they had.

* No sabotage ….very angry.

* Multi teams are a great idea . Imagine 3v3v3v3v3 even makes the horribly boring and linear TDM half exciting again as its not about chasing ONE spawn around the map.

* Sounds and voices seem to cater for area of the owner , mine shouts Chinese comments as he does stuff. * Emblems still a good idea.

* seems killstreaks can’t be made for each class just one made for overall. No biggy spose, might even stop OP attacks.

* I am liking the SCAR H again( was a bit crap in mw3) .

Overall , it doesn’t wow me , but I actually might prefer is to mw3, which had nerves jangling, with the combination of akimbo and OP rapid fire guns. 8.7/10 I am sure there will be a lot more negatives at a later date . Keep tuned in .


~ by richardpmurfin on November 15, 2012.

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