Old people are rude!

I wasn’t sure in England. When I lived there I just thought old people were sort of ignorant. Then as I got older I thought they didn’t care. Then by the end I started to think they knew they were old and used it to their advantage.

In Taiwan I am starting to think the same. They insist on going straight to the front of the queue in the 7-11, initially I thought it was as I was white and they thought they had priority , but I have witnessed them cutting in front of women and children , disabled people and people of all ethnic background. So again, it points to ‘old people are rude’. I never mention it if they push in but if the store keeper does serve me despite them pushing in front, often they look confused and look at me or the custodian with disdain.

This leads me to my next question. What point are you old enough to act like an old person? Eg: When old people charge forward in the night market and your expected to perform a sort of Fosbury flop, in order to get around the person without charging them to the ground. If you ever do catch the person that walked blithely into you, I am sure they would assume it was you at fault. My friend Erik told me once an old person walked straight into him in the night market and he knocked her over. He was so angry at the way she did it he stormed off despite people in the street acting shocked and expecting an apology lol. I once ‘met’ an old woman around 4 foot 9 in the market behind me and Jody’s house who literally used her low centre of gravity to charge forward thru the crowd , using her ample sized concrete head to make way thru the crowd. I literally was lost for words as she ploughed thru into areas I had only dreamed of getting too. She must however get into a fight or argument 2-3 times a day. Essentially my theory is that old people look at the opponents in the crowd and because they think they are older, they have right of way.

Which begs my final question …..if TWO people of the right age and the right attitude ever see each other head on. Decide in they are old enough to take the mantle of oldest person around,  and, can take liberties in regard to not moving out the way. What will happen? I can only imagine it . They would move forward in that purposeful way not allowing themselves an inch until *poof* a cloud of dust and tight curly hair, bones, and flowery shopping bags flies all around ……leaving ragged bones and cheap cabbages all over the ground.


It also makes me wonder as to the real purpose of the little trolley things they have. It is only the next step to put bull bars on the cart to ensure people cleared in a more effective way, Indeed children can be scattered very effectively with said bars. The mind boggles at future inventions. Perhaps spikes or rotating gyroscopes to help right the old person after a collision. It could make Robot Wars look like 70’s edition of ‘tomorrows world’!.




~ by richardpmurfin on November 13, 2012.

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