Good weekend/Skyrim/Sunshine/Black Ops2/Taiwan beer/Mita Pasta!

Put this under ‘entertainment’ simply because it’s a mish mash of stuff. I sit here drinking Earl Grey caffeine free tea. Watching Liverpool vs Chelsea. Terry has gone off with a bad injury but it’s Liverpool that are the most worrying aspect. They are losing 1-0 and again Liverpool give themselves a mountain to climb. I like Rodgers and I really feel for him. Getting Liverpool back to winning ways seems like mission impossible to me. I really think Suarez is carrying them.

I spent a good hour earlier making a grammar worksheet or two for my class this week. My boss sort of pulled me up on it this week. Worst thing is I know their good and bad points and perhaps should have made one. I like to do stuff on the board. I wondered why she was popping into my class more often. I guess I should have got the subtle hint ( people never tell you straight in Taiwan). I know after 7 years I have improved as a teacher , but we all need reminding now and again. I am also not arrogant enough to assume I can still learn a lot more.

Black ops comes out this week. I do wonder. Given my complete reversal on mw3 this summer, what I should do. After half a year of playing mw3. Something made me stop. I don’t know if it was me. Maybe I needed to stop. Or maybe it was the game itself. I wasn’t happy with the levels and with akimbo and rapid fire on guns like the pm901 it was FAR too easy to drop people. I hated BOPS 1 but the one thing they got right was that the levels were nice and that people didn’t die in .00005 seconds. So my question to myself is ; Yay or nay? Will it suck me in too much? Will I end up hating it? Can I control myself. I can’t play cod in half measures. I need to be the best. I am not sure I the time or inclination to play for 4 hours a day. I also can’t go to bed at 4 am as I’d be dragging myself out of bed JUST in time to work. Decisions , decisions. Also I still love Skyrim…..indeed why not just play that.

This weekend Jody worked Saturday but at night we went to Mita pasta and had some great, cheap pasta. I drank both Friday and Saturday and I am really enjoying my Taiwan beer basic. It went nicely with our brief yakitori dinner and my double header of games last night ( Villa/Utd and Arsenal/Fulham) Both cracking games. Gunners missed a pen in the LAST minute tho…….poor Arteta. I don’t know why Taiwan beer is so moreish for me right now. The light ricey taste , the mellow feel of it on the tongue. I have to be careful as my diet allows me to drink twice ( normally Fri and Sat) but If I get too into my beer again maybe I wont stop and welcome back my gut!

Been taking more pics now that I can take them straight off my phone onto FB and such. I will endevour to put some on here . I am scared too tho as the last time the blogs all changed over I lost ALL the albums.

After hearing and seeing Christmas stuff everywhere today in Hola and Carrefour in Yong-He. I have been listening to Winterscapes on live 365. A real blast from the past. Combine this with some cinnamon candles from Ikea and you have a nice cozy atmos. Just stick skyrim on and the wintery feel is complete. The Skyrim and Oblivion theme tunes take up the rest of my listening time, whilst re reading the Raven , by James Barclay.

Anyway as I say, this was a few things in my head that I was thinking about. That’s all for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 12, 2012.

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