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I never make posts about technology and this is hardly a detailed entry. But my old HTC that Gareth gave me has given up the ghost. My previous super old HTC was amazing. It had a slide out keyboard and was very manageable. It was also very hard on batteries and started to shut down after just a matter of hours. Once a part of my life it now sits redundant on the coffee table. The new one is this :

After buying Jody the black one I figured I had to at least have a different colour. It was also 2k less, because I got a deal ( using her alternate number) .

Quick review ( not by me ) :

The Desire C is a budget phone, costing all of £190 including VAT. That makes it considerably less expensive than the £230 HTC One V – the lowest priced handset from the new HTC One range – so it’s probably best evaluated as the new replacement for the Wildfire S, which I found still available for around £160.

It is quite clear from the price of the HTC Desire C that you aren’t going to get anything top-notch. HTC has, though, built the Desire C around Android 4, which is a good selling point when some budgetsmartphones still run Android 2.3.

There are also some nice touches to the build. The off-white backplate has a slightly rubbery feel, which I always think is rather classy. The slight wave along the long edges where the backplate meets a silvery side band looks much nicer than a boring straight edge connecting line. And the silver side band wraps round the top and bottom front of the phone adding a little more visual appeal. Remove the backplate and the insides are a rather striking brilliant crimson rather than the usual dull black. The colour has no usability function, but it’s a nice touch.

Review taken from ITPortal.
She clearly sees it as a budget phone , and of course it is. But given as I don’t want anything past basic function Android, then it is more than sufficient for me. I can use the net , I can use youtube, I can text, I can call . It has some cool wallpapers and sounds. I already have a skyrim background and intend to get some skyrim sounds for the alerts and ringtones ( yes very geeky) . I do need to buy some covers for the screen , as given how I am pretty slow on the uptake I really still don’t like touchscreen. I find it annoying and impractical …I am coming round however but don’t like the fact the surface can be greased up and scratched within seconds of buying, making it look cheaper and nastier. For a phone to be small I guess touchscreen technology seems to be the only way( unless it has an enormous slide out section so to speak 😉 ) .
I am now level 40. I run around with Vorstag ( companion) . Arondil ( undead mage who is hard as hell), and an undead Northwatch Keep tower mage. I am now purposefully looking for fights as we are a decent team. I did meet a Volkihar Master Vampire in a cave recently who put up a fight. He was too hard to be thralled but my team put him down anyway!
I am sort of addicted to the Wikia related to Skyrim. I also have taken an interest in the books withing Skyrim namely Brief History of the Empire, v1. The world they have carved out in Skyrim is so detailed and so immersive (hmm is that a word?), it is hard not to want to know more. Especially as Morrowind and Oblivion have actually had their stories cemented into the Elder scrolls’ history.
Vorstag :
Arondil :
History of the empire :
As you can see there are more than one wiki style pages. Great for reading up on your history or finding out where to go in the game. I have also started listening to youtube music from Oblivion, Morrowind and Skyrim on my phone whilst reading Dawnthief. Yes my favourite book is being read again. I haven’t read it in over ten years and it is as good as I remember. The only fear I have is ALL of the rest are back home and I might crave them after. I will go back to the Harry Potter series and Order of the Pheonix when I find it in a store second hand.
Jody has to go to Fulong this Saturday. So I guess it’s a night in for me with Taiwan beer basic and Skyrim. Anyway off to work for now. Then it’s Friday night , a quick jog and a relaxing time in front of the tv/ps3. I wish they showed footy on a Friday. I might be able to catch a German game . The Bundesliga is really quite enjoyable. The Prem is great , but I am kind of sick of not seeing Leeds in there and watching teams like Aston Villa and Sunderland drag their sorry eleven around the country for a dull 1-0 game. If teams were judged and relegated on their entertainment value then Villa would have been ejected from the Premier league the minute O’Neil left. Ironically his new club Sunderland are just plain awful this year.  Still could be worse they could be QPR , rock bottom with Reading and without a win. Hughes is NOT a good manager in my opinion . He has the traits to be so eventually , but until he learns to defend and stop being so tactically inept , I cannot seem him guiding a team to success.

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