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Okay so many would associate this blog with MW3. It is the only game I seem to talk about. But since I haven’t played it since July. I am pretty sure this blog will be dominated by Skyrim for a month or two. I picked it up yesterday ……wow! It is sublime. The depth, the graphics, the music , the acting, the missions, the amount of things to do! Basically I think I will be obsessed for a long time. Just today :

Me and Uthgerd the Unbroken have just stormed Drelas’ cottage and killed him whilst he was mixing some potions………………………………………

That was an excerpt from my FB. At the risk of sounding like a geek. This could be the greatest RPG ever made…scratch that , best game ever!
Here is a map of the world which I will use from now on to help ( it will also give me more views on my blog and who knows maybe some will visit ) :

Smaller ones :

Last one taken from a real image. These are not my maps guys I dont reserve any rights.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 11, 2012.

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