Taiwan’s birthday!

It’s nearing 10.10 . The tenth of October. We get Wednesday off , meaning me and Jody and perhaps Travis and Gareth will get some yakitori on Minshen together. Looking forward to it. I still need to work for a couple of hours first tho, no big deal. Haven’t been to those stores for a while so it’s exciting. Have to watch my calorie intake however as I have stopped at around 75-76 kg’s and due to the food and drink recently , I am not going any lower.

Still reading Goblet of fire (4th Harry Potter book) , and, it is as good as I remember! Tomorrow I have decided to buy Skyrim for the ps3. I am not as hooked on ps3 as I once was . I still play a bit of Command & Comquer, but nothing like my obsessive days on cod. I really need to prevent myself from getting re-addicted. I don’t want to be going to bed at 4 am again and living a night time existence on scotch and bourbon hehe.

Work isn’t bad. We had a PTA on Saturday and then I enjoyed half a weekend. I still think they are too anal in regard to the head offices wants and desires , but I guess that’s down to the fact they are owned and ran in Taiwan .

Man this looks great. Anyway for a run now to balance the heavy gorging of later.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 9, 2012.

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