Two more days….

Two more days of this long week. Hope the PTA goes well. About to head off to work now. The job I envisioned as being perfect has shown early signs of being shall we say imperfect. The school has anal tendencies to ensure every book has zero mistakes, even if it means a full stop that was missed 5 weeks ago It must be corrected in fear of the management seeing it. Call me crazy but surely the kids education should be the priority NOT whether the management takes away some of your kudos!

Anyway that was just me venting some frustration before I head out. Weather is far more clement nowadays and I am enjoying the journey to and from work a lot more. Bring on the PTA then after some crap dinner….then I can have some real food and drink with Jody on Saturday night. It’s also 10/10 next week so we can do something on Tuesday night and relax on the Wednesday. Holidays are few and far between nowadays thanks to the Taiwan government , so we need to enjoy each one as much as possible!


~ by richardpmurfin on October 5, 2012.

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