6 day week!

Faced with a  6 day week. I am now on Wednesday before my shift. Have to do a PTA ( parent teachers on Sat) and then we have a work dinner . Oh well , it’s not the end of the world hehe. We are also going to be getting observed at work this month. Known my luck it will be the class where everything goes wrong.

Watched Colombiana on the weekend. It was pretty solid. I really fancy watching Looper ay the cinema next weekend. It gets 84 on Metacritic , which a  hellish score compared to normal movies on there. Arsenal lost to Chelsea on the weekend 2-1. The Champions league is on this week and Man Utd and Chelsea both grabbed victories. Fingers crossed for Arsenal and City tonight….well maybe not city.

Exercise regime is going well and today before I drank any water I was 75.6kg’s which is almost the weight I want to be. I want to be 75 exactly after a day of eating and drinking. I mainly eat cereal and cereal style drinks. I am tempted to get a pizza when I get to my ideal weight. Reading the Goblet of Fire now. It is as good as I remember , trouble is I will be finished it in a week or so and have to buy the next one. There is more to write I just can’t think right now.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 3, 2012.

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