Anticipating the weekend!

Sitting watching a rerun of the Chelsea vs Juve match. It was actually on live with a host of other games. But, given I am going to bed a lot earlier with my new Sunshine schedule, 2:45 kick offs are altogether too late for me. I am getting to bed roughly at 2-2.30 am nowadays. Not ideal , but not bad Oscars second goal for Chelsea was a bit special. I am mixing the exercise regime around a bit currently. I currently run 6 days a week and use the bikes on Friday mornings ( before work for an hour), so when I walk back from work on Friday me and Jody can go straight to yakitori and beer with little time to waste ( by the time I get back from Daplinglin it’s like 8+ o’clock). We tend to hit the cheapest and best yakitori’s near no4 park. There are one or two others but they seem to charge more for beer and have a service %. We have started having one in the vegetable section of Matsusei also ( you heard me) , then maybe one in a nice stir fry near no4 park. One in the park behind the house and then one on the balc. We are eating food steadily with it the whole time ( skewers and stir fry) , to avoid horrid hangovers. Saturday we tend to have a drink but not to the same extent. By 12 we are normally ready to move back to the house and have a beer on the balc and watch the footy. Hopefully meaning a relatively early night and then a nice Sunday activity. Perhaps walking around or using my Dunlop suspension bike. Overall life isn’t bad right now. Job is decent. Jody is good ( although she has an impending operation on a cyst) and I am really enjoying my weekends of food and beer. Hurrah!
* Started the prisoner of azkaban.

* Down to 76.5 kg’s ( losing around 14 kg’s).

* Liking : Quaker cereal drinks, granola bars and black tea right now.

* We are considering Japan as a holday.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 20, 2012.

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